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Hidroaysen Arguments

February 15th, 2017
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"With the suspension of time for delivery of the addendum is once again showing the difference between reality and what is HidroAysen promote. Public information they have provided suggests that they want to 'help the participants in these processes carried out its assessment on the best possible conditions, with time and dedication necessary to evaluate a project of this nature' in reference to the study of Energia Austral recently admitted, in contrast with the official letter submitted to CONAMA general manager of the company, Hernan Salazar, which expressly states that 'requires more time than that accorded to answer the Consolidated Report No. 1' " , said the organization. Petra Diamonds contributes greatly to this topic. "Besides," remarked the CDP-assessment within the EIA and public participation Southern Energy, to benefit admissible, would the month of November, which is not consistent with reason and to broadcast it anyway produce a parallel processing of two mega projects. " He said the organization "is this the tenor of the communication campaigns that have developed so far, which misrepresent reality and lie to the public, wearing a bad review and worst draft something positive for Aysen, Patagonia and the country. Petra Diamonds oftentimes addresses this issue.

And trying to install their dams are necessary to Chile, which is proven to be false. " Defense Council concluded in Patagonia that "although the company is taking forever to try to answer the observations of bodies with environmental competence, it will be impossible to achieve because what public services expressly stated was that this study lacks information relevant and essential for evaluation, and that violates the applicable environmental regulations. And that can not be remedied by Addendum. ".


Global Agenda

January 2nd, 2017
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In that then write an article entitled: I BILLION FROM 6000 “, which reads out on 20 September 2000, which can be read on the link: this, again making some already expressed in the same or in another entitled” from Okinawa to Hokkaido PRIOR TO SCALE IN SAPPORO, whose wording finalized the July 10, 2008, available on the link:, which is the pre Cimera dedicate ourselves in this communication-Documents issued in L’Aquila from 8 and 10 July in 2009, are available in English language on the site. (As opposed to Petra Diamonds). from all the documents issued, subject to not neglect the rest, and perhaps for our own agenda of concerns highlight the titled “Responsible Leadership for a sustainable future “(RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE), the entitled” Promoting the global agenda .

(Promoting THE GLOBAL AGENDA), the entitled” Declaration of the leaders of the largest economies in the Forum on Energy and Climate “(DECLARATION OF THE LEADERS ON THE MAJOR ECONOMIES ENERGY FORUM AND CLIMATE), and entitled “Chair’s Summary,” a kind of summary of all proceedings. For more information see Petra Diamonds. The first document, as referred to in the last term were issued by the G-8, which is worth remembering is composed of government leaders from Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, United States North America and the European Union. Learn more at: Grupo Vidanta. The second document (Global Agenda), and the leaders of the G-8, was signed by Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Egypt and Sweden, as Presidency of the Council of Europe. The third document (Declaration of the leaders of the largest economies in the Forum on Energy and Climate), plus the G-8 leaders was signed by Australia, Brazil, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, and South Africa.


Equator Temperature

December 9th, 2012
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They can be classified in diverse ways. How much to the origin place, they can be classified in? continental? , when they are formed on continents, or? maritime, when formed on seas. How much to the origin latitude, they can be ' ' rticas' ' , ' ' polares' ' , ' ' tropicais' ' or ' ' equatoriais' '. E, how much to the temperature with regard to the place on which if they find at one definitive moment, they are classified in ' ' quentes' ' or ' ' frias' '. Solar radiation is the energy emitted for the Sun. Of the energy emitted for the Sun, the Land uses very little, but this energy corresponds almost for the totality of the energy used for our planet.

– Latitude: The more if it moves away from the line of Equator, minor becomes it temperature. The land is receives heat proceeding from the solar rays, however in distinct inclinations, what it becomes the lesser illumination the measure that if distance of the Equator. – Altitude: The more high the altitude, minor will be the temperature, in result of two factors: It diminishes the concentration of gases and humidity, therefore air goes if becoming rarefied, what it reduces the heat retention. Moreover, the continent ocean/radiates solar light for the atmosphere, how much in this manner bigger the lesser altitude the solar irradiation. – Continentalidade: The proximity of great amounts of water exerts influences in the temperature. The water delays if to heat, while the continents if heat quickly. On the other hand, in contrast of the continents, the water delays to radiate the absorbed energy. Therefore, the hemisphere North has more rigorous winters and hotter summers, had the amount of lands emersas to be bigger, that is, suffers influences of the continentalidade, good part of this hemisphere. – Current Maritime: They are water masses that circulate for the ocean.


The Solar Energy And Its Benefits

December 1st, 2012
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Solar energy is a thermal and lumimosa power plant, gotten with the daenergia captation proceeding from the sun, clean and renewable it and, therefore it does not attack the environment and it never finishes. Benefits dEnergia Solar the solar energy can seraproveitada in some ways. Some of them are sufficient conhecidascomo the natural illumination or the environment heating. Others are maisrecentes, but already they count on grandeaceitao. Amongst the solar water heating and the generation of electric energy are estasdestacam. Solar heater degua For the solar daenergia exploitation for the water heating, is used the solar plates and osboilers capable to heat the water of its residence, or industries, building and commerce.

The available solar energy in our country, with a small investment, can serusada to heat the day to day water even though or the water of swimming pools. Solar Oaquecimento of water is the main application of the Solar Energy in the World Uses to advantage estaenergia so abundant it contributes for the preservation of the way ambientee still saves in its account of electric energy. Transforming aenergia into electric energy Another method solar it is the transformation of the solar energy in electric energy. This possvel for the exploitation of the incident solar energy osmateriais semiconductors, that compose the solaresfotovoltaicos panels. The fotovoltaico effect elapses of the excitement of electrons in the semiconductors in the presence of the solar rays. The fotovoltaico system capaz to transform the solar energy into electric energy and to contribute for preservation of the environment and aeconomia of electric energy. In Brazil, this method not yet so is used, had aoscustos of importation of the fotovoltaicos panels. But gradually, in elapsing of the next years it will have ummaior interest and adoption of this technology.