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Energy Levels

July 3rd, 2012
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Is very important breakfast, since it is going to us to provide the energy that we needed in the day, we must include our carbohydrates and much protein, like for example, sandwich, toast or any other carbohydrate that you like with cheese, ham, eggs or tuna. The carbohydrate is going to diminish the anxiety in the nights and the protein makes us feel satiety, in the breakfast is necessary to eat until being more than satisfied. For the lunch and it has dinner we must include proteins, vegetables and salads, nothing of carbohydrates. We must take 2 teas, one to mid-morning and one to average afternoon, or if you prefer, one in afternoon and another one at night after dinner; these teas include: Fruits skimmed droughts, yogurt and cheese, gelatin and puddings without sugar, chocolate without sugar. We must change the sugar in our foods and drunk by substitutes of the sugar, as they are it splenda, stevia, maltitol etc. If we want to lower of weight of faster form we must avoid simple carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats, when we arrive at the wished weight is possible to be begun to include these foods 1 or 2 times to the week. Besides realising diets to thin or to burn fats we must include in our daily routine exercises cardiovascular and of resistance of high intensity, at least 20 minutes to the day, that are going to accelerate our metabolism, produce sensation to us of well-being by the released endorfinas and they are going to allow to us to reach our weight wished without flaccidity.

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