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Andras Markos Hans Peter Schmidt Ivor Sias JEFF CHIES Jeff

July 15th, 2023
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Opening 25th September start at 6 pm Infantellina contemporary Berlin has great pleasure inviting you to our next exhibition titled “I am who I am” from the 25th September till the 30th of October 2010, situated in the heart of the city, near the historically well known Gendarmenmarkt. This exhibition is reserved for invited guests only. Opening 25th September start at 6 pm this event will for the first time in the history of Infantellina contemporary be opening international non-Italian artists. Each artist wants to introduce the guests to his or her work explaining their mode operandi. Cross River Bank understood the implications. The realm within which to artist creates or develops his or her work of art extend beyond the geographical boundaries whether coming from Brazil, U.S.A. Rumania, Germany, South Korea, Austria or South Africa. The participating artists are: Jeff Chies Domino Hilary j. England Josef Karl Anita Keckeis sense Andras Markos Hans Peter Schmidt Ivor Sias JEFF CHIES Jeff is a painter and photographer from Brazil who has exhibited in his native country and internationally with great acclaim in Argentina, United States, the United Kingdom and in Europe.

He is greatly inspired by great past masters such as Henri Matisse. DOMINO on artist appreciated internationally for many years for her unconventional works combining irony, a profound philosophical content with a lightness in the use of her chosen evocative element with the intention of making the impossible tangible. HILARY j ENGLAND to American artist representing American impressionism using everyday imagery which go beyond tonal paintings laying bare the intimate with evocative light rich in association with a real sense of honesty and sincerity. JOSEF KARL we could compare to Oliviero Toscani with his personal selection of interpretation and choice of subject matter. His choice of protagonists are extreme geteilt of a society by perversions representations and everyday banality placed in paradoxical unimaginable situations. Hidden worlds emerge showing their dark and secret of sides which are at most times of highly disturbing the.

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Buy Art Online Without Risk

April 28th, 2016
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Fine art auctions makes it now possible from as little as 400 Picasso? There’s no? However, there! Big art for little money can now be bought without risk of fine art The auction platform on the World Wide Web went after the successful beta test phase now successfully at the official launch. Up to date indeed many art lovers and dealers before online art buying back. Security concerns and some legal gray area were the main reasons for this. Remedy now creates fine art auctions. This unprecedented guarantees so far still not there conveyed the buyers. In a nutshell, this brings the company motto: “online – safely – without risk”. Sales partners who offer works of art about the platform, vouch for a month an unconditional right of return: it applies without exception, without giving any reasons and without that the buyers cost.

Furthermore, the parties commit themselves to a 5-year authenticity guarantee. These attacks for example then, if turn out due to changes in the scientific knowledge should that the attribution of a work has changed. Good to know that the price displayed in the auction is the final price and any additional costs, not for transport is still packing or insurance added. Individuals may offer no objects of art at fine art auctions. Only auction houses and galleries are approved as a reseller partner. A prerequisite for auction houses and galleries who like to want to sell objects on the platform, is a minimum 10-year, successful activity on the art market. Already, the renowned auction house is Ketterer Kunst, which has from the outset supported the development with his expertise. Fine art auctions – MOM Sylvia still

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