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GOST Foundation

January 24th, 2012
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The advantages of a screw base (foundation on screw piles) Description of screw piles Calculating the number of screw piles for the foundations of comparison process unit concrete ribbon foundation and the foundation of the process device on screw piles European engineering systems Ground Screws (screw piles for the foundation) for the following types of buildings and structures: at home from a bar, home of the logs (in the including rounded); home on frame technology (metal or wooden frames) at home on SIP (SIP) technology, at home in a body-modular technology, home of the AAC, spas, country houses, gazebos, Screw piles as may be used during the implementation of landscape design. Screw pile (pillar) – is a steel pipe with welded on its blade specific configuration. The configuration of the blade is designed in such a way – not to loosen – On the contrary – compact intervals interturn soil. In this effort 2-3 working enough for screwing the pile. The pile has a zinc coating termodiffuzinnoe NeoTsINK (GOST 51163-98), whose life – at least 50 years. Screw have an enormous pile bearing capacity in compression as well as to pull the load.

Screw piles resist the forces of frost heave. Screw piles are suitable for all soils except rock. Screw piles should be used as anchors and foundations in soft soils watered. Delivery time is 3-14 screw piles days after payment. The term of the installation of screw base – 1-3 days. The advantages of helical foundation (foundation piles on screw) Advantages of screw piles for the foundation: Screw fudament – the most cost-effective solution compared to tape the foundation or foundations on f / c units, factory warranty quality and durability (70 – 100 years) screw piles at low cost (only for driving coated NeoTsINK) rate of production of works on the foundation (the term installation of screw piles is from 1 to 3 working days); small amount of labor on the foundation of the device (3-4), the complete absence of "wet process", the complete lack of special equipment, no need of access roads for vehicles, does not require excavation works, works on installation of the helical foundation can be made even, on an uneven, raw stumps from the site, on a neat well-groomed lawn without damaging lawn, on the slopes, on peat soil and watered in other extreme conditions, in close proximity to large trees, work on the device screw base can be carried out even in winter, to have built on stilts screw steel structures, buildings, homes and other objects can easily attach new facilities; Advantage NeoZinc to cover driving: The process of thermal diffusion zinc coating has 100% opacity, as well as protects both exterior and interior surfaces of products, including all welds, corrosion resistance of the coating corresponds to GOST 51163-98, which is 3-5 times greater than the resistance of zinc plating, the coating extends the life of parts exposed to aggressive media – to 40 – 50 years (with a coating thickness of 70 microns) and up to 100 years (with a coating thickness of 100 microns), increased durability and abrasion resistance, excellent weldability – zinc does not burned outside the welding seam, do not worsen working conditions and quality of welding, diffusion-galvanized products are easy to transport without damage to the coating, retains its strength and hardness of parts, there is no leave the metal and its hydrogen embrittlement.