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Keywords, Content And SEO

February 7th, 2017
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The creation of keywords that match the content is becoming a science in itself, which implies the naked eye on a little confusing and complicated. From a simple, keyword / content matrix describes the matching words chosen to create content for your website. Keywords are the words that search engines analyze, when it is investigating your website. Before the Internet explosion, even today, when we are in a library and want to find something specific to read we have to look in the right department, and look for the title or author. For example, if you want to read a book about gardening, go to the specific department of the library where you will find all publications related to gardening, if you head to the area where the subjects talk about making wine, unfortunately, find any book that talks about gardening. With this example in mind, gurus of cyberspace simply adapted this system for use in Internet and applied it when search engines began their existence.

This is what happens to Internet search today. The keywords should accurately reflect that this is your site. So let’s take a look at some considerations for writing keywords. Copy on a website has to make sense and should be easy to read. If you abuse your keywords, the content will be boring and obvious to the reader, who senses that you are looking to drive traffic to your site rather than provide quality information. A natural content is appealing and readers will come to your website to read your material, if you stay focused on writing quality.

Check popularity of keywords related to your content. Although popular keywords are used by hundreds of websites, if you value the need to use them, use them knowing you can not align well at first, because it dilutes their popularity rating. However, over time, improve your positioning, so do not be discouraged the initial information classification. Another strategy for using popular keywords is to use them with the qualifiers, this will help improve range. Most commonly used are geographic qualifiers, pointing to a specific city, state, country or sector, such as business or telecommunications. Thus, while “organic gardening” might have a bad range, “organic gardening in Colombia” could have a fairly high rank. There is much to learn about matching keywords and content for maximum traffic to your site. Keep some basic considerations in mind, is a good start to begin.