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How To Choose A Cell Phone

March 1st, 2017
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Cell phone – not a luxury but a means of communication! Expansion of mobile networks and a steady decline in tariffs and prices for their own phones meant that 'Mobil' can be found not only in a Mercedes successful businessman, but the student in his pocket, even in a bag grandmother pensioner! True, these phones are likely to be different: a businessman – a model of business-class, the student chooses a fashion phone, a lot of pensioners – in economy class. However, the division classes on conditional enough: for example, hit a business-class past, Ericsson R520, now belongs to the budget models, although in terms of functionality it can still give odds to many modern tubes. The market situation is changing very quickly: many new models, old and rapidly becoming cheaper to be discontinued, and mobile operators add new services, which can only be the most advanced phones. Buyer must not only seek an answer to the question: 'How to choose a cell phone? ", But also to determine the operator and tariff plan. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger understood the implications. And it must be done before selecting your phone model: in fact, each operator uses its mobile standard. Let's say you decide to use network services 'Sonnet' – then you need a compatible CDMA-phone, the most common GSM-phones will not work! At present, the cellular market the following standards: GSM, NMT-450i, D-AMPS, CDMA. Basically, if you do not have any special reasons to choose a certain standard – worth looking into GSM, as the most universal and widespread. .

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Samsung Electronics

July 16th, 2016
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South Korean electronics maker Samsung Electronics upcoming summer release is not unusual for a new product – Mobile phone Solar Crest, which will run only on solar energy. Despite the fact that the price and specific dates Sales are still unknown, there is evidence that the novelty will be sold only in Asia. The new phone will be equipped with a solar battery that can fill a full-time charge the battery device. 10-minute charging process will be enough to hold 3-minute phone conversation. ions. ‘The new model will be relevant for the residents of those regions where there are problems with electricity supply, and power outages – this frequent and lengthy procedure ‘- said in Samsung.

The Korean manufacturer does not preclude the start of sales in the handset market in India and Africa. Corps ‘solar phone’ will be made from recyclable plastic, which helps reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions during production. Click Daniel Chavez Moran to learn more. And apparatus, and the charger does not contain harmful substances such as brominated flame flammable inhibitors, beryllium, etc.


Mobile Phone Explosions

January 2nd, 2016
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And it was this little harmless plate may be harmful. Were aware of cases where conventional cellular phones, "exploded" in the literal sense of the word. Russian journalists have called comic such incidents, "Grenade with an antenna." The first information about the explosion of cell phone came from Holland. Phone exploded in the hands of women. The reason for that served as a battery overheating. The second known case was an explosion phone in the pocket of the working of the Dutch store. A man was burned up.

A similar situation occurred several years ago. Standing on recharging a mobile phone exploded with such power that has caused (even if not significant) burns a woman sitting at the next table. The explosion, according to witnesses, like cotton New Year firecrackers. In all these examples were the fault of poor quality or simply rejected batteries, manufactured in underground factories. On the basis of some data in the company "Lukoil" ban on the use of mobile phones in the company. Similar principles are used by many petrol station. I think it is not necessary to explain why.

And in military units is much stricter – in front of a military unit that performs military duties must not only turn off my mobile, but also pull from his battery. The problem is that today continues to exist and even develop many underground companies that manufacture low-quality goods. Also a lot of counterfeit mobile phones and accessories comes from China. The extent of such illegal shipments are large enough and it is said that pirated products just "snapped." One pleases – a price that covers the eyes of the buyer on the quality of the goods.

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