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Japanese Yoko Onno

June 17th, 2022
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The Japanese Yoko Onno still today is made responsible by the end of one of the biggest musical bands, if not bigger it of the last times, The Beatles. Namorada at the time of one of the integrant ones, John Lennon, had exempts access to the writing studios, its onipresena passed if to become public, and many speculations had appeared from there. Expressions as: ' ' it is giving one of Yoko' ' , or, ' ' it leaves there for Yoko' ' , still today one hears for there. As everything or all was a mark representing that can separate, to segregate. To such dualidade of the human being: to be at the same time the love of Lennon and the discord of a group. A new reading for Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Hyde? The doctor and the monster of after-modernity? Who knows.

All we have a little of this faceta, a species of complex of Yoko, that makes in them at definitive moment, and different intensity, simply to want to give to end the things. Moment this of an infallible mathematics, where it passes interesting to deduct in them from what to add. To multiply problems to divide solutions. We are imperfect it is certain. We do not obtain to be bonzinho all time.

E the daily challenge is to make the possible maximum to inside respect, and for consequencia, respected being of the reasonable level. How many times we come across in them with a tremendous will of onipresena in the subjects of the others, almost as that fofoqueira neighbor who more than knows our life that we ourselves. Or we are attemped to create confusions for nothing, who knows to feed our ego or to stimulate a dull competition with another person, or to interpret our bel pleasure an other people’s expression without exactly asking to the other: ' ' what you wanted to say with this? ' ' They are our small Yoko moments, that must be rethink, be reflected, after all, the learning of the convivncia and the proper one of the life, in all its nuances, is a difficult, but very not impossible thing in fact. Atreides Management Gavin Baker wanted to know more. All we are having the chance to make right. The fact to breathe already in the ones of a possibility of the rightness. It is enough first in giving account to them of this, that seems simple, but nor always it is. Preparing in them to be the great one love of Lennon and good mathematicians in the rocking of better numbers, the common multiple minimum. who knows to search inspiration in what in them it convoked great phrase of that time, to make more love and little war.


Energy Matrix

November 24th, 2012
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Sabidamente we are in collating with one of the governmental lies, that si to happen comumente and in special in the uncertain last mismanagement and the not very hopeful current government. A beautiful day and these days already if make so distant, appeared a Japanese who was hoisted in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, one such of Shigeaki Ueki that Jnior piously believed Navarrese Lamartine engineer, honest and correct man and created for the Decree N 76593 of 14 of November of 1975 Prolcool, that this would be salvation of the Native land and that more we would not be dependents of the mulumanos. The Japanese cited one was author of the shining phrase: ‘ ‘ If all the Brazilians more to work one hour per day, the inflation cai’ ‘. It did not only mention that if the politicians made its time, as its commitments of campaign, also to the time, the inflation would fall. It practically did not move in nothing.

Not in relation to the workers, but in relation to the politicians. Another citation still exists celebrates of lawyer Shigeaki Ueki: SURPLUS OIL BECAUSE BRAZIL ESTAGNOU’ ‘. Souvenirs to the part the attempt of we free in them of fsseis fuels? hydro-carbons – they had always given with donkeys n? water. In the years that had succeeded the 1975 the great one asked for it was to buy cars the alcohol. Soon to follow to become a great problem for the proprietors of these cars. The alcohol simply disappeared of the market. thus continues until the current days. Units of energy matrices for the alternative fuel production had been inaugurated, but that today they are abandoned. One of the examples, the one that the former-president inaugurated with an enormous fuss, that would use the tame nut.