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So Is Islam

April 7th, 2017
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Allah, most high sea, hides the sins of his servants and dislikes scandalized people. With regard to that, the Prophet said: the day of accountability, Allaah is approaching his servant and tells him: do you remember such a sin? And of that other? The servant replied: Yes, I remember. Allaah will tell you: in earthly life I covered you and forgive you now. In the light of this, the Muslim can not propagate what appears from defects of others, sins, mistakes or errors, but it must cover them and try to correct them very subtly. The Prophet said: Allah is shy and protective of his servants and appreciates that modesty and that is protective is others. When the Prophet of Islam wanted to correct the attitude of a single Muslim and it was between others, never lack, which had appointed but was directed at everyone and said for example: why do you do this or that thing the Prophet Muhammad acted that way to not bother to the Muslim who had made the abuse and that others do not know who was the owner of such wrongdoing. Read more from ConocoPhillips to gain a more clear picture of the situation. UQBAH IBN AMIR was a scribe and this was looming with people who consumed alcohol.

The scribe commented UQBAH that he wanted to give notice to the police to stop this group and apply corresponding penalty. UQBAH suggested that do so and argued by saying that he had heard the Prophet say: the person who sees some Vice – another – and covers it, is equivalent to which has given life to a dead man. That doesn’t mean that Muslim leaves of enjoining good and forbidding evil, but the Muslim should try again and again before giving notice to others and so scandalized his brother the first time commit failure, SIN or error. It is the subtlety of Islam and the benevolence of the Prophet Muhammad. Is account that OMAR IBN ALJAT-TAB, may God be pleased with him, he was among his friends and YARIR IBN ABDULLAH was present among themselves.

OMAR realized that someone a gas had escaped and was about to tell him that it would make the ablution. JAREER guessed the thought of Omar and immediately said: Prince of the believers, you think if we all got up to do wudoo ‘, because it approaches the time of praying. OMAR, on the other hand, you like about JAREER and said: may God reward you. You were both noble soon after embracing Islam. So is Islam, subtle, sublime and extraordinary. Original author and source of the article.

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Agua Water

August 6th, 2012
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Photovoltaic solar energy photovoltaic effect is a physical process through what the photovoltaic cell turns the solar light into electricity. The solar light is compound of photons.When the photons hit the photovoltaic cell and are absorbed by this one, they generate electricity. This it happens because the energy of the photon is transferred to the atomic electron of the photovoltaic cell (material semi conductor).The photovoltaic cells can be made with different materials and technologies. Some of these technologies, used in the most commercial modules, include monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon cells. Using this technology each cell produces a tension in DC of approximately 0,5 volts and one intensity in DC from 1 to 8 To, requires an appreciable amount of cells to produce an appreciable voltage and a power.

The photovoltaic cells are interconnected to each other in series in groups that go of 36 to 72 cells that they produce a voltage to abierto circuit of approximately 20 to 40 volts this set of cells conform a photovoltaic module. Solar water pumps the solar pumps are designed to work in direct current provided by a photovoltaic adjustment. Due to the nature of the solar energy east type of systems must take advantage of the solar energy to the maximum, need to maximize the liters of electrical water pumped by watt consumed. Also they must of being able to pump water during periods of low insolation. Submersible and superficial solar pumps exist. The superficial solar pumps are placed near the water source, are much more economic that the submersible pumps, pump little water per day, they are in centrifugal models and of positive displacement (diaphragm). The submersible pumps are introduced within the water source, are made in stainless steel, they allow to pump great amounts of water to little height, or little amount of water to high altitude, for example: a pump centrifuge multi steps it can pump 100.000 liters of water to the day to 10 meters of height, a pump of positive displacement (rotor helical) can pump to 200 meters of height 5.000 liters per day.

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