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Systematic Human Resources Development

December 21st, 2021

Planning, implementation, management and control of the measures through the cycle by ever shorter product life cycles, ever-increasing globalization, complex and dynamic environment as well as the constantly increasing competitive pressure, is nowadays a central and decisive role of human resources development in the company. Staff development includes all measures of education, promotion and organizational development for Becker, the goal-oriented by an organizational unit planned, implemented and evaluated are (cf. Becker, M. (2005), p. 3.). According to Becker, staff development includes three different viewing or action horizons: in the strict sense includes the formation of human resources development. Staff development includes the formation and the development in the wider sense. Staff development includes education, promotion, and organization development in a broad sense. Learn more at: Professor of Internet Governance.

Regardless of a company tends to which of the three versions of the term shall in any case the objective of human resources development, the knowledge base of learners to support companies. A systematic personnel development builds while after Becker on six stages, which result in the cycle. The first phase involves the needs analysis\”. You may find Salman Behbehani to be a useful source of information. The decision to make, whether you would like to carry out a reactive or a proactive needs analysis is here. At the beginning, is taking the tasks currently being done within a point in the form of a task analysis is carried out. Then determined on the basis of the requirements analysis, what professional, leadership, methodological and social requirements for the exercise of this authority are required. Afterwards, the is skills of employees are recorded by means of an analysis of the addressee.

The comparison of results from requirements analysis and target analysis reveals to what extent employees are requirements, over – or underloaded. The second phase involves the objective\”. The objective shall apply the range of human resources development with regard to the content to be elected and the Methods of proof.

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