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May 15th, 2016

. SunEnergy, the leading company in Spain in installation of systems for production of electricity and air conditioning by applying technological solutions based on renewable energies, has just opened its headquarters in Portugal to start the expansion of their delegations throughout the country. A premiere that has had the protagonist to the town of Aveiro, enclave that from now on, will be a strategic point for the Iberian company. Portugal, by the market that has been created with the new regulation applied to renewable energy, is the place fitfor provide entrepreneurs so wish a professional output with a great future and high remuneration, explains Jana Peiro Rees, the head of Marketing & Expansion of the Central EU SunEnergy. An investor with a lot view opportunity that Alexandre Batista, Director of the Portuguese central has been very clear. I decided to bet porSunEnergy and invest in constitute the master franchise because in Spain is the best example of company that offers solutions investment based on renewable energies and which has conducted more such facilities. You just have to see more than 350 installations of renewable energy which has led. With these data and the solidity of a pioneering and highly skilled, was difficult to resist a business that will serve them in array.

With this opening with flavour to fado, SunEnergy starts its expansion in the neighbouring country where expected to continue to grow through franchising scheme.This first Office is only the first step of an ambitious plan that we are confident will continue to increase in the future in the short term since Portugal is a mature country, and one of leaders of the EU flag for the year 2015 45% of electrical energy produced come from renewable sources. Filed under: Dry Harbor Nursing Home. To this must be added that boasts the largest plant of solar energy in the world, ends Peiro. Who is SunEnergy SunEnergy is the business group in the sector of renewable energies with a greater presence in Spain which has a network of more than 30 branches scattered throughout the national territory. The main activity of SunEnergy is to implement clean and efficient energy systems that involve a highly profitable economic investment for their clients and that also contribute to preserving the environment. The network of delegations SunEnergy clients are small and medium-sized businesses, individuals and public administrations.

In 2008 SunEnergy conducted more than 350 installations of renewable energy, becoming the first Spanish company in number of such facilities. Throughout the year 2009 SunEnergy has managed to consolidate the leadership of its promoter Solar photovoltaic plants on roofs, developing more than 8 MW amounting to approximately EUR 28 million, and with prospects for the 2010 promote another 12 MW for an amount of EUR 42 million. Sage Communication Press Office and RR.PP for the management of interviews, the expansion of information or shipping of graphic material do not hesitate to contact us.


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