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States of Consciousness

February 13th, 2014

This is a special state of consciousness, which is close to hypnotic or prosonochnomu, but has its own specifics. It is important that in this state is much reduced sensitivity to external stimuli, increases concentration, reduces the criticality of consciousness. Therefore, the formulas of autosuggestion freely penetrate directly into the subconscious. So way can affect the subconscious those functions which are not amenable to voluntary control. Merit Schultz that he developed a very simple and effective way to achieve autogenous dive. Used in anger management approach is based on the fact that deep muscle relaxation and reduction of vascular tone in combination with concentrating on dealing with certain feelings give rise to special states of consciousness, which is close to hypnotic, which is now called autogenous immersion. Ease of exercise and the possibility of objective control over the process of their assimilation is just for high performance this method. Separation of the learning process into two stages is rather arbitrary.

Already at the stage of development of autologous immersion learning is self-hypnosis. An important advantage of the at is that for the development of mental of self-selected a simple source- psihofizologicheskie function (tone of skeletal and smooth muscles, heart rate, etc.). The fact that the skill of psychic self-regulation (AKP) universal. If you learn to be well managed with the help of auto-suggestion, for example peripheral vascular tone (optional heating and cooling hands and feet), you can realize, and other phenomena of the sep (self-perceived dreaming, anesthesia, etc.). The advantage of this approach is that the success of learning in this case can easily be monitored by subjective sensations, and with the help of objective evidence of physiological monitoring. Now a huge number of different trance-meditation techniques, using the techniques of creative visualization.

Their main idea – is in the mind an image of your goal (recovery, success etc.) and this will be programmed your subconscious to achieve the desired results. Obviously, there are welcome to use the methods sep. But to take advantage of some complex tool, we must first learn how to own. The problem is that the more global goals we set for ourselves, the more time between the action and getting results. For example, you use visualization techniques to achieve professional success. It is unlikely that you can expect the result of their efforts in the next 5 minutes. That is, if you're doing something wrong, you'll learn about it later, weeks and months (at least). It's like learning to write with my eyes closed, and look at what happens in a week. Having mastered the akp by meditating, you get not only a powerful tool, but also the skill to use it. For auto-training sessions do not require any special abilities. All that is needed – a good coach and regular classes.

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