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Solaris Hyundai

March 15th, 2016

A new South Korean car Hyundai Solaris already written enough. The car will be assembled at a purpose-built for this purpose plant near St. Petersburg. Currently the plant operates in a training assembly. The assembly will begin in January 2011, and soon cars will be on sale. Model Hyundai Solaris-known South Korean automaker released many qualities of a mass of cars easy to drive, extremely economical, maneuverable, comfortable, easy to use. Ergonomically designed in the spirit of Solaris Hyundai time. Spacious interior with functional low external noise, making clear the dashboard interior cozy and inviting.

Due to its efficiency and agility – the car Hyundai Solaris wins in the modern urban mode, with dynamic motors and ergonomic interior. Approached the time to estimate the information – what will be a demand for a new car, how many would be willing to buy it? The four-door Volkswagen Polo – hit of the season this fall on the spaces of our country: Sedan prestigious brand at an affordable price. Not surprisingly, there turn by Polo-Sedan. Meanwhile, the Renault Logan, Kia Rio is almost no queues. At the same classmates Logan and at a price affordable Rio Polo, and Ford Focus, though more expensive, but higher class. Another approach to the new VW Jetta 2011. Who the competitors prepared to resist the ambitious Hyundai Solaris? Draw little comparative analysis of the characteristics of the model Hyundai Solaris to future opponents. The speed of data are as follows: The maximum rate of South Korean sedan assembled in Russia will amount to 190 and 175 km / h with the engine 1.4 (with manual transmission and automatic transmission), and a more powerful 1.6-liter engine – 190 and 180 km / h, respectively.

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