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June 8th, 2013

The solar rays penetrated with difficulty for the foliages creating a light game. To the end of the forest, lguas of distance, in the end of the forest, started the dunes that were the east and if they extended for lguas and more lguas of lands forming a great sand desert. Antenor capsized for Gardenio and said. _ leaves me to a thing confused. The praise-the-god said in them that after the cajueiro one he was alone will come northward and I followed in front that we would arrive at the Field of the Flowers.

However, since that we find vocs we are walking very. Until floreta we find. Forest that was not mentioned at any moment by the praise-the-god. _ Vocs had found the praise-the-god, that dodger. It is a great liar does not know place none.

He lives lying and teaching all wrong one. I know many places and I say to it: I am leading vocs for the certain place. to arrive at the Field of the Flowers we will have that to cross it is forest. At the beginning of the afternoon they had crossed all the quagmire without problem. When the doors of the forest had arrived had been able to see it better. Around of some trees, creeps in form of great cones, fulled the land. Inside the creeps they leave and they entered great black ants as the night in gratings Indiana lines. Before following way the group it settled in a tree of average transport. In the top of a twig, Bombar, saw a friend, a black ant, with the wide head, long legs, two pairs of antennas in perpetual movement.


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