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Smart Goals

October 14th, 2010

You can be sure that investing time and mental energy to establish significant mets every area of your inner life and motivation produce permanent results that will translate into a more exciting life. His life will be directed towards the inside and you will experience a sense of control over their destiny. One of the advantages I have seen in myself and all whom I have worked is that, having written goals, motivates us to want to be better every day, to improve everything we do, to become more competent. It is possible to have distractions and falls, but that does not matter because the course is given! The plan and revising our goals for yourself rewards us with an approach that rarely experience: almost without effort, we focus on what is vital, discarding the trivial. In my experience, once we have our goals clear, we know where we should be and what we should be doing. This in itself, increase our effectiveness and creates more enthusiasm …

I have here the secret of excellence … When you focus more and more on your goals, think less about his problems and concerns, making them lose their power or influence over us. If you see a person oriented toward their goals, find a person who focuses his energy on worthwhile tasks to perform, and refuses to participate in escapist activities that leave you with less energy and feeling increasingly victimized. Remember the following: Having written Smart Goals will clearly get the results of their actions and their consequences. Admittedly, the path of the goals is full of disappointments, but this is virtually 100% of cases due to lack of knowledge to write their goals successfully. This always leads to abandon efforts to achieve them and believe that the way of the goals is not the right way. In the following articles will answer interesting questions such as: yQue means “smart goals”? yComo measurable goals? yPor which should be measurable.


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