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Skilled Negotiators

October 13th, 2010

In the area of law, a skilled negotiator serves as an advocate for one of the parties and generally seeks to obtain the most favorable results with it. In this process the negotiator attempts to determine the minimum score that the other party (or parties) wants to accept, then adjust their applications accordingly. A negotiation "successful" in this area occurs when the negotiator can get all or most of the results that his party wants, but without leading to the defendant to cease permanently negotiations. The traditional bargaining is sometimes called win-lose style of hardness because of the negotiators who seek to get as much as possible for you. Check out Eliot Horowitz for additional information. In the '70s, practitioners and researchers began to develop win-win approach in negotiations so that both sides were satisfied to have made profits. This is positive to avoid possible future conflicts. Rodrigo Javier Martinez reminds us that in the negotiation plays a significant role nonverbal language and the respective contributions, the non-verbal language is absolutely transcendent in the negotiation stage. Do not forget that over 80% of communication between the parties is not verbal.

It is therefore one detail to which you must pay attention and special training. Unfortunately many do not consider it, they neglect what it represents and what can be achieved we are aware. The aspects that need to take better care of are those that reinforce our inner calm. What makes us more relaxed during a negotiation? We do not have loose threads, that the analysis has been thorough, honest and objective, presented us with a dispassionate, positive attitude, wanting to win and win with us. Every moment of a negotiation is a source of self-knowledge and wisdom. That inner peace will manifest in our nonverbal language all the positive things we have inside.

You can not easily control what you do not feel and if we try in these circumstances, manifest contradictory body language and easy to detect by an expert and believe me, we always have before us an expert. The more positive nonverbal language is reflected when the position of the trunk inclined forward, smile, we move firmly, "slowly", without any nervous ticks and nodded when we listen to our interlocutor making and know that you hear , understand and comprehend. Definitely, gestures, our behavior, our actions, how we manage our energy the very important negotiations, we wonder how we act on it, and above all watch as it does the other person will also give us Javier Martinez, a suggestion regarding the negotiation, it is, not allowed to leave the negotiating environment to Moreover if you have the slightest doubt that takes the best possible option, even if your choice is a little less important, we must make do with persuasion, safety, good manners, that the most important is that he wins and we can follow collaborate in the future. There's always a next time and everything we sow we pick you up sooner rather than later. It is also advisable to praise the skill and effort of the other party to the achievement of the agreement.


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