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Same People

December 13th, 2015

Perhaps that is why people are still very far away and the true concept of "modern person ". But let's still remember that it is the movement fascinates people. Movement creates speed, and already it has a magical effect on human consciousness. Man can not imagine himself without movement, and hence no speed. Man, pondering over the speed, it is difficult to imagine that the rate may not exist. "Modern" people got used to the idea that if there is movement, then necessarily there, and speed.

That's why man is an axiom, and that the rate is inextricably linked to human life: no speed, no man. Now we will try to answer is pretty simple, and at the same time very difficult for human perception of the issue: "Is there always exists a rate?". At first glance, this question may seem silly. But do not rush to conclusions. Let's try a more detailed understanding of this issue. A man accustomed to that speed may vary.

He knows that speed can be increased and will likely grow to infinity. So, anyway, most people think. For them there is no speed limit at least, because they do not understand how it could be limited. After all, human thought can not be restricted, and therefore can not limit his concept of speed. Thought indicates a person that the limit does not exist. But at the same person misses a very important detail – the idea is immaterial. That's about it yet very few people know.


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