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Reiki Energy

November 7th, 2012

Some years ago the backaches did not allow to pains merit to me me, nor to sleep in the bed, the life was made me more and more inconveniences, – my body was speaking to me, begging to see a doctor, but when not having certainly it would cover my medical expenses, to be working independently, did not allow me to do most valuable that one can do by one same one, to take care of itself. In those days I went of stroll to Orlando needed to leave the city, to breathe the contact with other localities near Miami, to share with its people, to travel by highway, to pure abiertas windows, are those moments in which one can change of landscape, to reflect and to do certain analyses – for my form to think – reviewing the signals that arrive to us from the outside. From the car I took photos to the sky, when I arrived, I reviewed and I saw the images that had taken with my camera, I contemplated of very significant way a fireball in the middle of the sky by the sun putting, but in addition it saw that of that incandescent light, they left extended hands. Some message – I said myself related to my strong pain. On the following day I visited the bookstore that per years contributed satisfaction to me, – then for my anything it can have better than a good book, mainly if it is of learning. Being there I talked of my pains with the owner of the place that gave the card me of a professional in Reiki, so that it gave therapy me with energies in the spine. Besides taking a pile to me of books to study Reiki to house, I began the therapies that were cuarentas, which made me decide to study the three levels of Reiki and to make the masters with my professor, because its formation was charming, a virtuous woman by its espiritualidad, humility and simplicity, in its stay felt that the energies floated around because this technique also implies of neatness, of clean it, fresh and clear of the dawn and the life of the person that does not handle them or is the instrument, all we can practice it, years back to make a course of Reiki was a privilege, received very many money, is a very old method of sanacin of Japan and it was taught by monks, the Reiki even enters the United States of 22 of them who come to distribute classes to America and in that category of sponsorship she was in favor my teacher.


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