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Receive Payments

February 9th, 2014

Gateway of payments online is a system that integrates a virtual store with the financial institutions so that it is possible to receive payments from customers for some ways. The system does not carry through financial intermediao: the money follows directly for the account of the establishment. This is the main advantage in relation to the intermediadores of payment, but she is not the only one: to gain autonomy to manage transactions with control on captures, cancellations, alteration of status, among others. Moreover, it has daily pay-paid packages that they allow to operate a site of e-commerce without having that to be worried about invoices related to the service of gateway to the end of the month. So that one e-commerce can make one use gateway of payments is necessary that duly it is affiliated to the financial institutions of its interest. Fulfilled this stage, the virtual store will operate national and international ways of payment. It is seeing? It can be more easy of what people think!


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