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Products Energy Sistem

February 21st, 2013

Energy Sistem Soyntec, S.A. is a Spanish company located in Alicante and has over 18 years of experience in the world of hardware devices. This company’s products are distributed under two brand names. Energy Sistem and Soyntec brand. Energy Sistem is the market leader in devices related to the digital world. And its success is based on as well as combining the technologies more advanced with innovative design, your products have an unsurpassed relationship for money. The highly competitive price of products Energy Sistem joins the quality of them, backed by three years of warranty that offers its customers. Due to the demand for the products of this brand, in our company, marketing and e-commerce initiatives, S.L have decided to bet on their products and we have created an online store to sell exclusive products Energy Sistem.

In its extensive catalog of products include the mp5 player with DVB-t tuner. Other products the brand star are portable LCD TVs and DVD portable. Orders are shipped by the company Chronoexpress and are delivered in 24-48 hours once confirmed orders. In short, products of a solvent brand with three years of warranty and unbeatable prices. Initiatives in marketing and e-commerce, S.L.


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