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Plastic Packings

February 12th, 2014

The Steel Ribbons can hold and arrest some considered products weighed load, as: steel bobbins weighing some steel tons, leves, packages wooden agglomerated or paletizadas loads. It does not import the material to be packed, the power of cintamento of this type of Ribbon is safe and really very resistant, being able to be used for any packing. The types of bobinamento of Steel Ribbons in accordance with vary the type of product that the ribbon will go to pack: size, width, thickness etc. Most common it is the simple bobinamento, having as width of the coil the proper width of the ribbon. One of the lines of Steel Ribbon products that come being used and advised for you vary Industries of Plastic Packings is the Cyklop technology, that offers quality in efficient and economic systems for cintamento of weighed loads, beyond taking care of necessities that go since pneumatic manual devices, until total automatic systems for continuous operations.


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