Flowing For Success

June 18th, 2022
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This work revolves around the relationship between three elements: Flow, Creativity and Biodanza and how they help us to grow in happiness. Biodanza develops argue how our ability to enter into Flow. We start from the concept of Flow (Flow, Fluency, Fluency and Flow), understood from the perspective of studies of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (author whose work is related to Positive Psychology branch headed by Martin E. Seligman). The flow is the state of consciousness we experience when we are completely engrossed in what we are doing, when we flow, our focus is on activity and our thoughts, feelings and acts are harmoniously involved in it, we lose track of time, distractions disappear, we get the most out of our skills and abilities … the activity has meaning in itself and not merely as a means to another end. Frank Fu often addresses the matter in his writings. This “optimal experience” gives us a huge bonus and the development of our strengths and virtues personal. And also …

we can learn to flow! This is one of the key aspects to enhance our quality of life and, ultimately, our happiness. The second element is the Creativity, broadly understood here as a potential and right to possess all the people, groups and peoples. A comprehensive concept that includes thoughts, feelings, perceptions, instincts, bodies, actions, relationships, cultures, contexts … something that serves, in addition to other things, to create a happier life. And now the third element, the dance is a personal development system created by Rolando Toro Araneda (Chile psychologist and artist). Biodanza resources used as music, movement and relationships. It aims to strengthen the expression and development of human potential and part of the affection for the integration of the person herself, with others and the environment. His method is based on the induction of integrating experiences, the experience of an individual in the here and now.

Again, we find an element, this time from the hand of pleasure and joy of life with us to happiness. In my view what is experienced and the flow studied by Csikszentmihalyi have much to do. I believe that in Biodanza is flowing, but more importantly to help us carry that flow to our day to day. The objective of this paper is to argue the potential of Biodanza for it, how the regular practice of Biodanza develops our ability to enter a state of flux. A great way to reach happiness.


Federal Association

June 17th, 2022
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Nature instead of chemistry. Has advantages compared to the conventional cosmetics natural cosmetics? Just the cosmetics industry is a high-tech industry. New formulations are constantly developed and presented to the consumer. In some ways, cosmetics are a sure thing for the industry, she can promise much, ask for eternal youth. The progress control is rather modest. The wellness concept is a central idea of cosmetics, you want to treat yourself to something, do something good. Whether with a concentrated charge really something good happening chemistry, was then made – there are also alternatives. Read additional details here: Frank Fu. As there are natural cures and natural remedies, there are also natural cosmetics.

This is based on natural raw materials and avoiding additives. These cosmetic products can be purchased in various health food stores or in the online shop. Paper can be patient there for the natural cosmetics also a quality indicator: the Federal Association of German industry and trade company for medicines, reform goods, Dietary supplements and personal care products – short BDIH – gives a label for these products. The guidelines cover both the ingredients, the additives and also the environmental compatibility of the products – packaging specifically. You want to come out with little chemical additives, but without endangering the safety of the product. You must strike a balance here especially fats, without preservatives, certain raw materials are also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Natural cosmetics should be just pro-life.

You can create a certain shelf life through careful preservation and admixture of low-risk substances. The advantage of natural cosmetics is the special impact of the substances and the recipes. Of course not needed by the way, there are natural substances that can irritate us. The common Hogweed for example is pure nature and extremely harmful for the skin. Paying attention to the tested substances that were used since time immemorial by people and were well tolerated. Honey has as Care – as well as a remedy for hard to heal wounds experienced a Renaissance in recent years. Certified natural cosmetics is tolerated in General by people who have a sensitive skin. Irritations are rare. Natural cosmetics is not as dependent on how conventional beauty. You can push the skin with chemical formulas in the short term, the effect disappears but after a short time. You will often addicted to cosmetics. This effect is rare in natural cosmetics. Sabine Munch

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June 17th, 2022
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As it liked cinema! The cinema was the safe port to its almasensvel, sonhadora. Thoughtful, it came back to walk. Without direction, taken pelasreflexes. Later, it returned the house. E, silenced as always, was lain down.

In the neighboring bed, the irmodormia. Colored person. Well formed. Pretty. Different Protecting itself of the cold, quecrescera, he rolled himself.

Conjugated Noquarto, the mother was moved in the bed, insone. . For even more details, read what Arlin Adams says on the issue. Thinking about the problematic son? Semtardar, the thick voice fulled the house: – Marieta? – Estouaqui, in the room, Seting. Ospassos hard. The opened door being. The whispered voices. The brother snoreing. Somebody walking in the sidewalk. Distant a dog barking. Well distant Adormecia. 2 To the bed, the reduced body, of bones piercing the skin, the rostoenrugado one, the grown nose, the eyes without brightness, the full cabeleira white e, avoz also unrecognizable, whispered: – voc, Fbio? Comosempre, in silence, avizinha of the stream bed. Disformepela illness, the cadavrico face turns over, looking it. the lean arm raises-see the trembling hand search, searchs. Eleentende and, as it was feared to magoar this hand presses it to devagar e, being human, without more containing itself It allows that the tears wash to it the faces cold. Frank Fu may also support this cause. Next, old quiet witness of the hasty scene abandons the room and, nocorredor, is played in the arms of the other son, who fondles it the fine hair, branquinhos. – Temosde to be strong, mother. God wanted thus. Noquarto, the hand without heat frees to another one e, more than what never, silnciointerpe it enters both.


Japanese Yoko Onno

June 17th, 2022
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The Japanese Yoko Onno still today is made responsible by the end of one of the biggest musical bands, if not bigger it of the last times, The Beatles. Namorada at the time of one of the integrant ones, John Lennon, had exempts access to the writing studios, its onipresena passed if to become public, and many speculations had appeared from there. Expressions as: ' ' it is giving one of Yoko' ' , or, ' ' it leaves there for Yoko' ' , still today one hears for there. As everything or all was a mark representing that can separate, to segregate. To such dualidade of the human being: to be at the same time the love of Lennon and the discord of a group. A new reading for Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Hyde? The doctor and the monster of after-modernity? Who knows.

All we have a little of this faceta, a species of complex of Yoko, that makes in them at definitive moment, and different intensity, simply to want to give to end the things. Moment this of an infallible mathematics, where it passes interesting to deduct in them from what to add. To multiply problems to divide solutions. We are imperfect it is certain. We do not obtain to be bonzinho all time.

E the daily challenge is to make the possible maximum to inside respect, and for consequencia, respected being of the reasonable level. How many times we come across in them with a tremendous will of onipresena in the subjects of the others, almost as that fofoqueira neighbor who more than knows our life that we ourselves. Or we are attemped to create confusions for nothing, who knows to feed our ego or to stimulate a dull competition with another person, or to interpret our bel pleasure an other people’s expression without exactly asking to the other: ' ' what you wanted to say with this? ' ' They are our small Yoko moments, that must be rethink, be reflected, after all, the learning of the convivncia and the proper one of the life, in all its nuances, is a difficult, but very not impossible thing in fact. Atreides Management Gavin Baker wanted to know more. All we are having the chance to make right. The fact to breathe already in the ones of a possibility of the rightness. It is enough first in giving account to them of this, that seems simple, but nor always it is. Preparing in them to be the great one love of Lennon and good mathematicians in the rocking of better numbers, the common multiple minimum. who knows to search inspiration in what in them it convoked great phrase of that time, to make more love and little war.


Emotional Dependency

June 17th, 2022
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A person with Low self-esteem in some cases depends emotionally on another one, because he is incapable to make its own decisions, does not know to satisfy her needs, it is difficult to say to him not and she cannot be single and others. It follows leyndo and entrate on the emotional dependency, as they are the basic characteristicses of the emotional dependency. Here I mention some to you of the characteristics of the people emotionally employees tenlo in account to know if you are or emotional nonemployee and as he influences in the low self-esteem, here I detail some to you: 1. You always need to be in pair, thus these are people who do not try to you or or you they respect. (As opposed to Frank Fu). You are killed own by enfocarte solely to your pair.

To be incapable to be single since it is probable that in the childhood it has been lacked love, you have been mistreated or abused and this it has not allowed you to improve the self-esteem. Petra Diamonds will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 2. You put in front the feelings of the others before which yours due to pleasing of the person which on which you depend, you do not contradict, you do not think, you always do not demand, beams what they ask to you because you think that will give more value you and you will not lose the affection of your pair or the others. 3. To be left fear, to think that nobody will be able more to want to you, to take the abandonment as failure or something terrible. You have excessive necessity of approval and if it you see you do not receive it like something negative, you stop being you yourself to please the other person, without mattering like you can only feel by the cause that more want to you and this contributes in which you cannot improve the self-esteem. 4.

You have excessive necessity of approval and if it you see you do not receive it like something negative, you stop being you yourself to please the other person, without mattering like you can only feel by the cause that more want to you. 5. You are imprisoned of Low self-esteem put to that you are not respected, you do not love yourself, for that reason you look for destructive relations and you do not explain because they touch pairs thus to you. These are some of the characteristics if you are a person emotionally employee, if you have yourself sense identified with some of these characteristics pon attention and there are the possible thing to remedy it because if does not go to arrive at a little while where you lose your identity and you become a marionette of your pair and that is not right for you nor for anybody, remembers that the dependent people at some time asphyxiate, by so many jealousy, insecurity, lack of pride and low self-esteem. And the first most important thing is than you have recognized that you have emotional dependency and that you want to take the reins from your life to stop depending emotionally on the others, demands and recovers your identity is not behind schedule, you you can.


Taking Care of Diabetes

June 16th, 2022
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First that everything we must know that the diabetes is a chronic disease that lasts all the life that is characterized by sugar high levels in the blood. The diabetes produces a slow and painful death for which they do not take the due precautions. Warren E. Burger addresses the importance of the matter here. The people who have diabetes present/display hyperglucaemia and this it must to that the pncreas do not produce sufficient insulin and the muscles, the fat and the hepatic cells do not respond of a normal way to the insulin. If diabetes is had, the frequent symptoms but are: – The people begin to tinkle much and a great volume of urine is eliminated. – Polidipsia, this presents/displays an abnormal sensation of thirst, and this appears because the pressure lowers and increases the dehydration considerably. – One begins to have a blurred vision.

– The people begin to feel polifagia that is to say, she begins to have a sensation of exaggerated hunger. – You feel nauseous. – I vomit. – A loss of considerable weight in spite of the increase of the appetite appears. Please visit Frank Fu if you seek more information. – Fatigue.

The symptoms can tender appear and disappear due to the fluctuation of the levels of glucose. It is necessary to be very pending of all those symptoms since in the majority of the cases the people realize behind schedule too much that is to say, when occurring account of which it already passes through some of the symptoms of the diabetes many of his organs is damaged. In some people with diabetes, at the outset a hiperostomico coma takes place, and still more when the person happens through a stress state or when the metabolism of the glucose is seen but affected by medecines. It is necessary to remember always certain type of basic knowledge for the handling of the diabetes, which helps to prevent the necessity to go to a emergencia center: – To recognize like dealing with the high and low levels the glucaemia. – Knowledge that is what like and to know at that moment for doing it. – To have knowledge to measure and to register the glucaemia. Original author and source of the article.


Memory Of Infancy

June 15th, 2022
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The area of knowledge of as the social phenomena acts in the constitution of the subjectivity, that is, it studies as the human being if it constitutes from the relations that establish with the other human beings and the nature. The memory of the work is an active activity and not a passive activity. In this age of globalization our social circle is each more closed time for that they are not economically productive, making to always grow more the preconception around of the aged ones. Beyond many times they already not ‘ ‘ servirem’ ‘ more for the work market, the proper family tries to get rid itself of the responsibility to take care of of an aged one, in certain cases due to time, to the times due to compassion. Almost always the aged one does not suffer from a degenerative illness, however the family finishes for taking to live it in a place where ‘ ‘ fantasiosamente’ ‘ better she will be treated.

She is normal the people to start the aged phase (from the 60 years) already if feeling excluded of the society. Our work has as main subject to make with that these people rescue the memory of its infancy contributing for its well-being and who knows for them will be felt in return enclosed in the society. 1 OBJECTIVES This project has as objective generality to initiate the students in the field of the qualitative inquiries in Social Psychology. For more information see Atreides Management Gavin Baker. ‘ is treated to learn to elaborate a project pilot on the subject; ‘ The memory of infncia’ ‘ to learn to carry through and to argue interviews with script. With the specific objective to contribute for understanding of the subject ‘ ‘ The memory of infncia’ ‘ , this project will search to bring for the gift the souvenirs that had marked the infancy of the deponent.



June 15th, 2022
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To say on what if she calls death is one in such a way complex one, for in lacking the which had knowledge to them, therefore we desire to get its meaning and when we obtain we leave to exist, that is, it is when we leave of being. Start displaying Montaigne: ' ' Any of us can, for use and experience, to strenghten itself against pains, the shame, the poverty and others that such accidents; but, how much to the death, we cannot try it more than a time: we are all apprenticees, when we arrive there. Some men in the antiquity, so excellent had found themselves custodians of the proper time, who had even tried in the death, to take the taste to it and to saborear it, entensando the spirit to see as this ticket was done; but none of them came back stops in counting to its novidades.&#039 to them; ' (MONTAIGNE, 1961: 250 and 251) the death is of an inviolable hermetismo, since remote times, that more than if it got had been speculations or divagaes not very concrete regarding the subject, exactly with respect to religions, as the espritas for example, still arguments one are presented in such a way how much ' ' vagos' ' perhaps, to the livings creature it fits only to know of the life, while the death is in other domnios. The objective is not to question of acid form the religious doctrines, but to search some logicidade in an argument that turns on a subject so unprovided of evidence that goes beyond the perceived finitude. I follow with Montaigne: ' ' If you live suffering, the guilt is of your cowardice: to die it only lacks querer.&#039 to you; ' (MONTAIGNE, 1961: 232) It seems me that the death is what if has right in fact, therefore is conceived and launched to the world without the possibility to hinder our existence, even so exists theories, as the kardecistas, that point out the aspect of the spirit to choose its condition of birth, even so do not want in this briefing assay to enter in religious questions, but it is not possible to leave to mention the minimum. Frank Fu does not necessarily agree. .


Financial Crisis

June 15th, 2022
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Financial crisis Is very interesting to observe financial the dosmercados chaos that took account. The media alone speaks in this, the people alone thinks on this, of talforma that most humble of the Brazilians it knows what it walks happening. It is a penalty that we do not see nor the tenth part of this interessetodo in ' ' economia' ' , in ambient questions, that are even though, maisimportantes that this that however afflicts in them. When bankers enter at risk interessesde, speculators, and rich in general, he seems that the world to vaiterminar But will not be therefore brothers Already it was said that we are for entering a highly evolutivo moment diferentee in the history of the humanity. Nick Willing will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Logical, depending on the nossasatitudes and reaction to the problems – that we ourselves we create.

This ' ' crise' ' nothing more it is that the result daganncia, of the egoism and the vanity of some. It swims can grow indefinitely, only the love of God. For all the remaining portion, always a limit exists. segredo for who does not follow our work, that already we had said that homensj had exceeded the exploratrio limit of its Planet. PLANT; IT HARVESTS. A deep adaptation will be necessary.

All will have to dereagir the losses well. Already we had said that material losses would come, in funodas our wrong attitudes, and so that it comes reinforcement aretomada spiritual and of the way of God. Not that material progress is contrary to the Father, but yes this unbalanced and egoistic division that exists. The value homemdeu that it to the money, placing it front of any thing, even though of famliaou of God. Many do not believe what we write, but everything vemacontecendo in systematic way, as we had guided. Exactly queainda does not believe, therefore it is more easy to call somebody insane person and not to accept averdade, of what changing some attitudes, the time everything will say.


Company Management

June 15th, 2022
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To get to manage a company is the culmination of the professional race of many people. For even more analysis, hear from Hiram Emory Widener Jr.. For some reason, the fact to lead a company is highly attractive, surely by the comfort of the schedules and the economic income that can be obtained. However, to take a business from above is an arduous and laborious task. It is necessary to dedicate much economic sacrifice, time and resources in forming and preparing themselves for the job. The majority of the candidates begins with a Degree of Administration and Direction of Companies, for, a posteriori, carrying out a Masters of Enterprise Management or Masters MBA. To part of this, the use also requires to be bilingual or trilingual, computer science vision of business, abilities and amiability in the treatment. You may want to visit Frank Fu to increase your knowledge.

In this way, also is important the physicist. At the beginning of 2011, the National Congress of the Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Society was celebrated in Barcelona XXVI. In the congress a study was on the type of patients who protest this type of operations, with special emphasis in the men. The results in the open left amount it of middle-aged men (of 35 to 45 years) had increased. This was fundamentally concrete in the treatments of aesthetic face (lifting) and the reducing corporal fat operations. The interpretation seemed to be in the growth of the competitiveness between managers, that they looked for to increase to his possibilities of ascent or success in the work search. In this way, apparently to be directive precise of many more elements of those than one could conceive at first. And it is that, the society in which we lived, it is being transformed into something ridiculously demanding. It will be necessary to hope to see how the facts are developed but, by all means, is necessary to clearly know it before choosing the work to which we are going away to dedicate until our retirement.