San Francisco

July 18th, 2017
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Interactive movie in San Francisco will present innovative applications for language technology to conquer the American entertainment market. Aachen/San Francisco. The first interactive movie last call”(see video please!) caused a national sensation and great enthusiasm. The Aachen-based consulting firm of aixvox GmbH created together with the advertising agency Jung von Matt, power flashes, and Telenet communication systems a worldwide so far unprecedented project. Using the latest voice technology, the viewer can influence what happens in the film. He receives a call on his cell phone from the desperate actress and can determine whether she should flee or save their friends. At the mobile voice conference in San Francisco will aixvox interactive movie for the first time the American market present. The project is leading the way for the future.

Language technology will find their place on the entertainment market, not only in Germany, but worldwide “, explains Detlev Artelt, CEO and senior consultant of the aixvox GmbH. The mobile voice Conference ( is one of the most famous American conferences around topics such as speech recognition, speaker verification, or even text-to-speech. This year, the mobile phone, mobile Internet and voice solutions for mobile devices at the heart of the lectures and discussions are available in San Francisco from April 22-23. Last call by 13th Street – the first interactive horror movie which is – software world by Powerflasher in addition to the innovative use of language technology and mobile phones on the example of last call, the aixvox expert team also other uses of language solutions present. New ways to use voice in business and entertainment: a view from Europe “is the title of the contribution, the Detlev Artelt on dobrodosli, 10.15 11.20 pm, will present at the Conference. In addition to the entertainment factor, language technology can have, especially current trends in the field of unified communications and also voice solutions are on the European market in the foreground. Modern solutions, trends and innovations in speech technology, are also in the next English edition of the 4th edition of the monograph voice compass, which annually publishes Detlev Artelt, be an issue again. As well as voice in the current issue of compass (R) evolution of communication ( will be the focus is especially on the field of unified communications.


ForeScout CounterACT

July 18th, 2017
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ForeScout CounterACT allows granular access control on networks, systems and users in real time of Schorndorf, April 20, 2010 at the corporate network reliably to protect against hackers and malware should access to only authorized users, devices, and applications on the network and systems contained therein. A reliable network access control (NAC) solution offers the sysob IT-distribution ( with the their new sales partner ForeScout CounterACT family. Appliances available enabling a complete control of the network security without restricting the current worker process of the end user are resellers. CounterACT is suitable for companies of any size, to control access to their networks and resources. WiFi – VoIP – WAP systems, router, server, client, printer etc. the NAC solution verify different devices and authorized users on their conformity to the relevant safety guidelines.

First then she granted access to the LAN. Thus, the systems and the network against hacker attacks and malware replicates itself are protected without compromising business processes. Company maximum security at minimal cost through the use of NAC appliances can reduce their IT support costs significantly. This is made possible by the reduced time required for virus detection and the identification and reduction of obsolete or non-operational endpoint security solutions (antivirus, anti-spyware, etc.). CounterACT with a signaturlosen intrusion prevention combines the NAC functionality. While the appliances integrate seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.

Security policy to individual users, as well as on whole groups of users can be adapted due to the granularity of the solutions. The system works clientless”, i.e. the installation of additional software on individual computers (clients) is not necessary. This simplifies network management on the one hand, on the other hand, various devices, can regardless of the installed operating system to check for compliance with the safety guidelines.

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Synergies In The Service Of The Customer

July 18th, 2017
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Text agency with Internet service, everything from a hand knowing you that you have a business idea and want to publish them on the Internet? How do you proceed? a marketing agency is beyond their budget. So adjust for example Myhammer, different jobs in a job market. For Web design, for the text of the page, the search engine marketing and so on. Sure, you find low-cost providers. But the result is not satisfactory and gives the impression of patchwork. Also companies such as texting for you or the Internetservicevaroquier have realized this.

The merger created synergies that allow the customer to put its Internet presence in a hand. This one distances itself from advertising agencies. Rather it sees itself as the Executive Officer of the customers. This plant its appearance itself, however he sets the execution in the hands of this Association. This is an appearance as a cast. Although it has merged his experience but preserved its independence and in case of doubt one is able to access another know how of a strategic network. The customer has the advantage that he puts his job in a hand, the organisation and distribution be carried out internally.

So is to offer not only possible perfect work and solutions but also very reasonably priced for the customers to occur. The customer must seek no individual professionals with perhaps dubious reputation, after all, there are many black sheep, but now has a partner who has a broad background and for the customer orientation, not a foreign Word, but passion is. Therefore the customer is integrated into all processes. This transparency ensures also that the result corresponds to the wishes of the customer. Frank Varoquier


Translations Of Professionals

July 18th, 2017
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Must offers, business reports, documents or promotional material be translated into other languages, then you should transfer this task only the best professionals. There are different programs for it on the Internet, but one wants to be taken seriously by the recipient and not provide unintentional comedy, then leaving it better the finger. Interlingua language services GmbH founded in 1977 was in 2006 as the first Austrian language service provider certified according to oNORM EN 15038 and covers with 15 fixed employees and 350 professionals (all native speakers) the entire spectrum of high-quality translations from. Currently available translations in 60 languages. At Interlingua language services, it is proud to achieve a margin of error of only 0.001 per cent twelve million translated words at around per year. With an annual 3,000 orders and translations of 25,000 documents, the Institute belongs to the Austrian market leaders.

Each industry has its own language, the translator must the issue also deal can. At Interlingua language services, you thereby places great emphasis on a maximum intelligibility, that literal translations are preferred. “Also in the formulation then differentiates, whether it superficially to the mediation of the dry” information about is an industrial operation or for example to the entertaining, simplistic language of event organiser. Interlingua language services is important to not only the quality of your own, it is committed also to internationally comparable standards. So was the company in the creation of the international network for quality translation service provider”(iQTSP) involved.

This association was founded in May 2009 in Vienna is the first International Association of certified translation company. He has the goal to promote the international network of certified translators and the worldwide establishment of quality standards. Like. Sabine Kern, the Director of Interlingua language services, has been to the Elected President. Peter Alphonso


Community4you Provides Web-based Collaboration Manager

July 18th, 2017
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More effective projects thanks to global collaboration tools the reasons for successful projects are usually the same – for failed also. Project work has become one of the most important forms of employment in companies and organizations. Company and cross-organizational projects determine the company’s success. So that projects can be carried out effectively and successfully, it requires a precise coordination between all team members. Like in a movement must engage in the individual areas of a project.

Duplicate data acquisition and task completion or information, of which the most project members know nothing should not happen. That costs businesses time and money. Work processes must be orderly and transparent. Especially if project work is realized in geographically dispersed or international teams, therefore a central working platform is essential. The Web-based collaboration Manager is designed for successful project work. All applications are available under a common surface project documents, are central and personalized available. Efficient team work is no problem anymore, even if the projects internationally are realised.

Place in “virtual files” their information to a single scope of project stakeholders: all documents, notes, thoughts and ideas, comments and reports are collected directly from an editor, archived, and communicates. Scheduling and task management, as well as notifications on the project team are also included, such as the possibility of discussion forums to communicate. Thanks to the offline client, the project members require a permanent online connection, also can with minimal bandwidth and slower online connection performant worked are. The prototype of the Web-based collaboration Manager was introduced in selected companies and it was well received. From February 2009 to January 2011 ongoing project “WebCOM Webbasierter Collaboration Manager” (…) is with grant funding for “promotion of research and development of growth drivers in disadvantaged regions”promoted INNOVATIVE growth / INNO-WATT of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. After the end of the project the development of the system is planned the open ice family towards a marketable product. Info: community4you GmbH which community4you GmbH ( is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development in the areas of document and content management, fleet management, exhibition management, team work and knowledge management as well as education & e-learning. The community4you GmbH develops both standard products and special solutions on the basis of the own software framework open-ice ( As a company the community4you one GmbH the software development and implementation of IT applications and enterprise portals their core competencies. The community4you GmbH was founded on 1 January 2001 and supervised OTTO today customers such as Messe Frankfurt GmbH & Co KG, VW, BGW, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn as well as ministries and institutions of public Management. Press contact for more info/pictures: community4you GmbH Siegrid Rau Handel Strasse 9 09120 Chemnitz FON: +49(0)371 909411-0 fax: +49(0)371 909411-111 eMail:

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Xinnovations 2010 – Workshop Viral Learning

July 16th, 2017
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Learning itself create and customize without authoring tool, licenses or programming Berlin, 02.09.2010: the concept of “viral learning” is based on the image, as in businesses and schools via corridors, knowledge imparted schoolyards and Geruchtekuchen is quick and easy. The workshop “Viral learning” shows how SCORM-compliant learning modules directly from a wiki out can be created and edited. This has the following advantages: learning modules without authoring tool produce, transparency of the workflow, improved coordination between the various actors in the editing process, version comparison, rapid customization and editing of content. The featured technical and didactic innovations to help companies and further educational institutions to create their own learning content itself and to customize without programming knowledge, authoring tool, or licenses. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mitchel Resnick. The focus of the workshop formulated by structura & Lernmodule.NET entitled, operational and educational learning using Web technologies, modularization of Content and content-sharing to make as easy and inexpensive as possible. Learning and inform organizations must take place there, where operational procedures require it, as well as the people allow it.

This requires maximum flexibility on the technical side. The learner should place can determine time and pace yourself and want to know managers what actually happened and what is needed. Quickly incorporate already now can become company via Java script existing modules from different development contexts in the own inter – or intranet embed in any existing learning platform such as eg Moodle. story. In addition, company via an integrated authoring tool can create content themselves. In addition, examples are presented by mounted and available learning modules in the workshop. Vorteilhalft is, that just settled is minute-exactly what is actually used by the employees. In addition, existing or created content can be shared with industry partners.

Evaluation and Feedback through the student employees can evaluate the entire training module as well as comment on individual pages. The results are privacy compliant be evaluated. A major help to learn what useful from the point of view of the employees is perceived as relevant and didactic. This approach is being tested in the workshop. Experts explore various application scenarios in the hospital, health, training, administration and associations with participants. The Xinnovations profile of Xinnovations see themselves as a permanent forum of innovation for network-based information technologies. Free according to the motto “Better by Networking” the supra-regional network Xinnovations e. V. developed numerous activities throughout the year, to forge alliances for technology innovation and to stimulate innovative collaborative projects. The highlight is the annual Conference of Xinnovations at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. Contact viral learning Christian workshop for further information and registration at Lippmann shareholder structura GBR spokesman Working Group E-education in the Xinnovations e. V. Tel.: 030 / 434 00 520 email: Xinnovations contact: Rainer Thiem Xinnovations e. V. Kleist street 23-26 10787 Berlin Tel.: + 49 30 21001 470 email:

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July 12th, 2017
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* Palatine architecture – and engineering company PTI refers to bigger offices in the building complex of the brains growth of Group of companies and increasing number of employees of Pirmasens, September 2, 2010. See PTI architects/engineers operating architecture and engineering firm headquartered in Lviv/Pfalz, as well as locations in Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens, Rodalben expands. So the PTI Engineering GmbH in the citizens GriPS building has obtained major business raeume and therefore doubled the resources available now 300 square metres; in parallel, the number of employees at the site Pirmasens from 9 to 14 has been expanded since November 2009. Two in Rodalben and which at the end of last year added location Kaiserslautern PTI employs 17 employees in Lviv, currently group-wide total of 35 employees, including two trainees and a teacher are located. In addition, a new site is discussed. Ray Kurzweil helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The WachsTum of the group is reflected in sales, which were in the fiscal year 2009 at EUR 2.1 million in a prognose of 2.3 million euros for the current 2010 fiscal year. On the one hand, municipalities, cities, Contracting, public corporations and medical facilities include the customer, on the other hand, high tech buildings, industrial plants and power plants belong to the PTI project fields, for example, for large and mittelstandische industrial companies from the chemical industry and in mechanical engineering.

Consistent choice of location for PTI quality, reliability and trust are the foundations of partnership dealing with the customers. “Accordingly we meet them in the long term and especially long term committed”, emphasizes Thomas Gutsmuths, CEO of PTI Engineering GmbH, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new premises in the brain building on August 26 2010 therefore is only consistently right there to understand our organic growth, where our customers are at home. Read additional details here: Mitchel Resnick . Against this background, we are pleased with us especially today “Lord Mayor Dr. Bernhard Matheis and construction department head Michael Schieler two representatives of the city top among our guests to have the client and site representatives are at the same time and thankfully have supported the growth of PTI with in two functions.” each municipality thrives on the commitment of its citizens and of course also the resident companies. This applies in particular to the city of Pirmasens, which has to cope with Bekanntermassen major economic, demographic, and economic challenges”, emphasizes Dr. Bernhard Matheis, Lord Mayor of the city of Pirmasens.

Therefore I am clear from the very beginning by commitment of the PTI Board city and region about the expansion of the site and thus connected. A fine example of entrepreneurial activities that create safe and attractive workplace perspectives in Pirmasens in the long run is to offer high-quality services from the region for the region and beyond.” Complementary to PTI architects/engineers PTI Architects/engineers based in Lviv and locations in Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens, Rodalben was founded in 2000 as zusammenSchluss of established architectural and engineering firms and specializes in planning and advice on the entire range of civil engineering. All services in the field of building design with the performance fields of structural engineering, architecture, civil engineering, technical building equipment, electrical, fire protection, expert engineering and energy efficiency are among the extensive portfolio of the group counted 35 employees. The PTI range also includes project management and holistic consulting of the customers including the creation of a cost-efficient and functional approach.

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Networking In The Industry

July 7th, 2017
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A successful networking features founders and foster significant benefits in the IT industry through the crisis to change structures and significant opportunities for the founder. So are understaffed to example IT-departments in companies through layoffs and seek help from external IT-service providers. Kevin ulrich can provide more clarity in the matter. Consignors and markets implement a lot of hardware but often offer no or inadequate service. This and more opportunities for good as IT service provider a qualified founder. At least if one has now written the X te application you will play with the idea to become self-employed. Own independence is therefore more than just an alternative to a salaried activity. At the latest when the crash in ALG II threatens it is time to act. This step is simplified by the fact that Germany offers generous promotions.

The only question is what is the first step and who helps in the Forderdschungel. There is no magic wand but a good chance and lots of help. In the Centre is the founder First, an inventory should be carried. You can load anything via remote or night school or match the technical knowledge. In addition to the professional, commercial awareness is important. You must manage the farm, ensure that the turnover is, taxes must be paid and especially marketing must be operated, because without new customers, nothing runs. ARGE encourages founder with non-repayable grants, KfW promotes also a generous coaching and the granting of home loans.

Nevertheless, a founder should have something on the high edge to overcome hard times. The final hurdle is the fact that the founders must have patience to success about three years then, the promotion of the employment agency but only nine months. This is the day on which the business registration on the table is, but is still not a customer in sight. Under the motto “Independent but not alone” a nationwide service network promises help for founder here. It starts at the prior consultation, supports the business and coaches the founder by KfW funding. Thus be avoided threatening error, used funding and there is a companion to economic success. An also free Info session gives then the last necessary information to do the right step. Thus, you can cheat the stats and run in the positive. The nationwide IT-service net founder and lone. All knowledge on each network partner focused through the networking of partners. The partners thus become a part of some sort of country-wide systems. “The status of small systems integrator” on-site leads to a considerable increase in the own possibilities. The partner can serve larger companies thus because he gets many supports from the mains. The Center strives for service jobs, helps with the marketing, contacts to purchasing groups, and more. But that doesn’t mean that you so completely secured and your hands in your lap can create. Because without personal initiative, diligence and entrepreneurial spirit of the founders will remain here without success. The network is ultimately as a modern and powerful bike but appear you must. Information can be found on on or on the corresponding pages of the founder of the Chamber of Commerce and the KfW. Due to the growing importance of the theme, the network strengthened its ranks. Interested parties are informed and trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of small and medium-sized enterprises. EDP experience and autonomy in the IT industry are a prerequisite for cooperation. An interesting task, not only for job-seekers and entrepreneurs, but also for already active lone.

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The Customer

July 5th, 2017
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Especially exclusive food of the Argentine steak up to high quality candy, are so protected. Also food retailers benefit from this seal function in their struggle against physical inventory differences. The futurist is a great source of information. The so-called temper evident labels that employees in the business to buy something and again make the bags on the way back by the store and fill with additional articles to prevent. The company must therefore only still ensure that no employee leaves the store with a broken seal. World novelty: universal label for hundreds of products with the VPI label (variable product information) it is possible to use always the same label for a whole range of articles. The basic layout is preprinted with the company-specific parameters as with general corporate design, logo and slogan. The fields for the variable data such as product name, date, weight and price can by the customers themselves be printed.

It eliminates the set-up time for replacing the labels on the product change, also award errors belong to the past. In addition, the customer can order the universal label in large circulation and thus save. Multi talented label retail informs, seals and protects traditionally packaging provided with different prices, information and jewelry labels. An alternative approach, the so-called C-wrap labelling enables the presentation of all content on only a label, which encloses the product from three sides and with a C”Forms. This procedure opens the user a number of advantages: award processes with several labels more frequent changeover are accordingly required. Also errors can creep, if not all rolls are changed synchronously with the different products. Then can, for example, the salami with the underside label of the ham fail are applied. By representing all product information on only one Label be avoided such award errors and reduces the number of role switching and storage costs. TTI system label guarantees the cold chain custom foods are highly sensitive goods where even small deviations from the set temperature can cause considerable damage.

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SAP Publishing

July 4th, 2017
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DD + V Media Group sets HUP Publisher software with ad system Brunswick, the 07.09.2010 – HUP is DD + V Media Group its publishing software in particular the indicators system of the HUP Publisher software available. What began with a successful four-week test position in advance, the HUP himself with his publishing software solution could hold its own against the competition, now culminated in the signing of the contract between the DD + V media group and the HUP AG. The HUP Publisher software replaces a Cicero ad system and equip up to 300 jobs for an annual ad revenue by up to 250,000 units. In addition to the HUP ad system contained in the publishing software in the Enterprise Edition the Publisher uses more benefits HUP Publisher software. DD + V reinforced its business processes in the future also with HUP WebAnzeigen, the CRM, as well as a statistical solution – HUP the GoLive for the usage of the HUP Publisher software is carried out within one year.

Characteristic for the Enterprise Edition of the HUP Publisher software is mainly that it the step further dare, off standardized workflows to extraordinary, individual processes. A connection of the publishing software to the SAP systems is included in the project accounting and PPI sheet design also. The Saxon newspaper with the morning post of Saxony, the DD + V Media Group publishes not only the leading dailies in the Regierungsbezirk Dresden. In addition it opens new markets with leading Saxon sz-online Internet portal and its services as well as regional magazines on various topics. As a leading regional daily newspaper in the area of Dresden, the Sachsische Zeitung daily over 700,000 readers supplied regional as well as global news, pictures and comments.

She reads daily about every second population aged 14 and above in the appearance area, because the 19 local teams make sure that the Sachsische Zeitung is spatially and thematically as close to everyday of their readers on it like no other newspaper. And even in Dresden, where are four newspapers to the reader favor argue, is the Sachsische Zeitung with just under 43% range far ahead of any other title. HUP is provider of publishing solutions, with a complete product range for all areas of the publishing house. All brand software products are developed in house. The publishing software, financial software and the publishing services are leading. The publishing software combines IT and publishing expertise for a complete business solution. The financial software streamlines complex processes in modern accounting. The product range is complemented by the publishing service, which offers an individually configurable full service package for publishers who want to outsource your tasks.

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