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Natural Disasters

September 16th, 2013

The fact that ecclesiastical institutions hide their believers the law of cause and effect, of sowing and harvest, was a very clever ploy. This base was built to speak of the so-called secrets of God and inscrutable intentions of God. In our days, however, faith in ecclesiastical institutions, fades more and more because many people realize that the boat in the world that is sinking the dignitaries of the Church already nor can save him. How empty are the opinions and assumptions of the theologians, it was demonstrated especially clearly after the December 2004 tsunami catastrophe, which possibly constituted the catastrophe of bigger nature that humanity has lived. Everywhere the questions were heard then: where is God? How could Dios allow this?. Vatican Radio aired two days later the following news: in accordance with the opinion of the expert in dogmas theologian Bern Mochen Hilberath of the German city of Tubingen, the catastrophe in trouble puts theology to give an adequate explanation since in the past the answers of why God can allow similar catastrophes, were always unsatisfactory. In the Church of the Vatican was entered, out of the secrets of God, another argument, which can be applied to everything: Credo quia absurdum, which means I believe because it is absurd.

This motto is also evident in the theological-spiritual commentary of father Eberhardvon Gemmingen, broadcast on Vatican Radio three days after the great Tsunami: naturally that after a similar natural disaster, also for believers it begs the question: where Dios has been? How could allow this? Is not the Almighty? Not possible to avoid something like this? Or perhaps he is almighty and you want to avoid? How can he allow to nature that commit such murder? It is not surprising that raised such questions as according to this claim, the nature ‘ committed the asesinato only on the basis of the permission of God, (according to the assertion of the Vatican) would then be God the author of the crime who would have acted with a particularly heinous character. This may be Catholic, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Christ and the true God who loves and wants the best for each of your children. Or is that here the Vatican Church is referring to his own way of acting, that through the centuries has gone against people, animals and nature? At all times, the spirit of God warned the men that causes that created, reach them in the form of effect if not changed in time. Publication: disasters, cataclysms and death.


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