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December 24th, 2015

These parts are divided but are connected by the main nozzle. On the engine intake stroke, piston low inside the cylinder and inner cylinder pressure decreases, sucking air from the cleaner, carburetor and intake manifold flowing until the cylinder. When this air passes through the narrow portion of the carburetor, the speed rises, and sucks the fuel from the main nozzle. This aspirated gasoline is blown and scattered by the air flow and is mixed with the air. This mixture fuel-air mixture is then sucked into the cylinder. The amount of air is controlled by the throttle valve connected to the throttle, thus determining the amount of mixture air/fuel sucked.

Well, already mentioned briefly what is each fuel supply system. Now comes the big question. Is that better? And the truth that, for many, the question is not simple, but really is it! Carburetor evolved into what we know today as the injection, is a much more modern technology, we get better power, better fuel economy, and we also distanced less environment-friendly. The automotive industry, was the first to take injection in 90% of its models, and although we see on the bikes still is not so popular, this is simply a matter of cost. But beware, all medium and high displacement motorcycles use only injection, carburetor exists today for that strip of motorcycles of low cylinder capacity where the cost of injection system would be in the final price. Among the detractors of the injection we will find those who will hide behind saying that injection has a maintenance cost much greater. If something goes wrong, the repair is much more expensive.

Is true that carburetor is something so simple that anyone dares to put his hand, and therefore does not need to be specialist or expensive equipment for work it, but the question is how many problems brings the injection system, and the answer is… Many, many less than a carburetor. Whether we like it or not, the electronic fuel injection is a trend, and as much as we resist a couple of years, they will not exist without her motorcycle.


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