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Meet the Prince of Wales

January 26th, 2011

From novice distinguished by his great penance and when in 1609 she was appointed abbess, for the first time, the community underwent constant penances and mortifications and a rigid observance of monastic discipline. Sor Luisa of a brotherhood founded Ascension defenders of the Immaculate Conception to which they were registered not less than eighty thousand persons, prelates, nobles and common people. It was endowed with many wonders and miraculous events.’s father wrote in two volumes Aspe life of Sister Luisa, and it was this biography that triggered the Holy Office processed in 1634, it nevertheless to the monarch among the most devoted of their adherents and away from his community and held in the convent of the Augustinian Recoletas of Valladolid, where he died on 28 October 1636. The process of the Holy Office later concluded with acquittal. Sister Louise of the Ascension was the minister of Philip III, playing a role similar to that of Sister Maria Jesus de Agreda next to Philip IV, and also very similar to what represents Sor Patrocinio, The Nun of the Wounds, next to Isabel II. As the latter has many cases of bi-location and could comfort, Japan, the martyr Franciscan Fray Juan de Santa Maria, in Assisi, visit the tomb of San Francisco, or attend a match in Germany between Catholics and Lutherans, at the same While his presence was visible in the land of Castile. There were many characters who asked advice. Felipe III who consulted him major problems of state to be moved in 1613 to Carrion de los Condes, Pope Gregory XV maintained constant contact with her and was entrusted in your prayers and Philip IV, came to consult on the possible marriage of his sister the Infanta Maria with the Prince of Wales, which opposed the nun Carrion Prince being a heretic.

Father Manuel Fraile Miguelez published in 1890 the work of lighting an inquisitorial process in Valladolid or vindication or portrait of the nun of Carrion, in which he defends as a person and mysticism. The nun is true that exaggerated his mental Carrion mystics when he told us that during his novitiate “suffered many insults the devil, who whipped him with iron hooks and when pushed down the stairs of the shrine,” or when he asserted that he had Christ appeared “when he was in the womb” to pledge their virginity, to explain the mystery of the Trinity and Clare nun announce that it is no less true, that his poems are of great inspiration, especially, the famous Romance of the solitude of soul, worthy of inclusion in any anthology of Spanish mystical poetry: “There unitive love / board to the all / and the body somewhat / walks without a soul alive.


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