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LCD Television

February 8th, 2013

Today, thanks to technology, it is easy to be in touch at several points of the planet. Thanks to advances such as cell phones, ipads, laptops, etc. We have been able to have contact with almost everything that happens in the world today. Some decades ago it was unthinkable that the images and sounds travel as waves for long distances to then be viewed in a device: the TV. And most unthinkable that these images were converted to colors. At the beginning, the first TVs were bulky and available for who could afford the luxury of having them. There were few channels, and the images were in black and white. But that was a big step in comparison to the radio, which only transmitting sound.

Thanks to the industrial era (and my Asian brothers), television sets were cheaper, reaching the masses and becoming a primary means of communication and entertainment. Nowadays there are several types of TVs: from the plasma to LCD or 3D that have gained a popularity respectable. But the interesting thing is that one from your computer can have its own TV set, i.e., cannot join the club of those who possess televisions online. With the great advantage that can receive signals from distant planet points. On the internet pages of television online, can be found either free of charge or pay. Interestingly, I found an interesting site that offers a quality satellite signal and connects you with more than 2,000 TV channels! Imagine having televisions online to serve you? To be able to watch channels from remote parts of the world in various languages? Find out about events, or simply learn about distant cultures. It is online in addition to entertain television reported, and someone once said: information is power.


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