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Insurance Guidance

January 3rd, 2011

Many insurance companies have different criteria for the determination of the contribution, to include the type of vehicle, how many claims bonus you have, how many miles you drive per year, whether one is male or female, age, what profession you have, where you live and whether a garage is available. To find a cheap deal, you should do before a change necessarily multiple comparisons. A non-binding online consultation provides an overview of the rates of a larger number of providers of car insurance. This requires the car note and the documents of the current automobile insurance to the data to hand. One possibility is for example the side of the conveyor or Club Procon – there you can enter the appropriate information and get more favorable insurance shown for comparison.

Or choose a direct and personal guidance through the funding Procon Club. If you then choose a new insurance policy, you need the following : Do you have to cancel your policy in writing. In a normal change of car insurance you can do so only at year end. You must cancel in this case by the end of November, to meet the deadline – that is at least a month before! An extraordinary dismissal is only possible if your insurance has increased the insurance premium or the terms and conditions have changed. It is also an extraordinary termination after damage, and allowed for change of car or a new admission. In this case, you must cancel within four weeks after the occurrence of the change (which can also be transferred from the pumping club Procon). Make sure that you get from your previous insurance company a confirmation notice. The termination, you can also send in advance via fax in order to demonstrate the timely dispatch of the letter.


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