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Institute Benjamin Constant

March 26th, 2017

In 1891, the school started to call Institute Benjamin Constant. D. Peter II established, also, the Imperial Institute of Deaf person-Dumb, being that in both workshops for the learning of crafts had been installed. It had, with this, quarrels on carriers of deficiencies with the I Congress of Public Instruction, in 1883. In the first half of century XX, therefore, up to 1950, it had forty establishments kept for the public power (federal and excessively state ones) that they gave some type of special pertaining to school attendance. In the period of 1957 the 1993, the educational attendance was assumed, the national level, for the Federal Government, with the creation of campaigns directed toward this end. We can cite the Campaign for the Education of the Brazilian Deaf person (1957); the National Campaign of Deficient Education and Whitewashing of of the Vision (1958) and that it received another name, National Campaign of Education of Blind people (1960); the National Campaign of Deficient Education and Whitewashing of Mental in the same year. In 1973 the pedagogical attendance in Special Education which had to the I was guaranteed Sectorial Plan of Education.

In result of this plan the National Center of Educao Especial was created (CENESP), where the actions had become more systemize, aiming at to the expansion and improvement of the given educational attendance in Brazil. With headquarters in Rio De Janeiro, the agency was transformed into the Secretariat of Special Education, keeping the same abilities and structure of the previous one, being that the general coordination was transferred to Brasilia. In 1990, with the reorganization of the Ministry of the Education, the Secretariat of Special Education was extinct, starting to be of the National Secretariat of Special Education. In the 1992 end, it had another organization of the Ministries, and in the new structure it reappeared the Secretariat of Educao Especial (SEESP) as specific agency of the Ministry of the Education and the Sport.


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