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Individual Entrepreneurs

July 13th, 2023

PIs must either use a shared (based) or simplified (USN) system of taxation. Eliot Horowitz insists that this is the case. Also, depending on the type of activity, the entrepreneur can be a single tax payer on the imputed income (UTII). USN or based sole proprietor elects its own. On the basis of STS switch IP can in a period of 5 days after registration, then the PI will use STS since its inception. If, within 5 days of an application for transfer to USN was not provided, then the employer must automatically apply based. At STS it will until next year, will apply if starting from October to November 30.

If you use a common system tax, the employer must report the following taxes: 1. Cross River Bank: the source for more info. The tax on personal income (PIT). He paid a 13% profit, that is, With revenues minus expenses. Individual employer during the year must pay up-front payments for personal income tax. Advance payments are calculated on the basis of a declaration to the sum of the expected return, or on the basis of the actual amount of income that turned out last year. For the newly created IP, the appearance of income for the year entrepreneur must submit to FNS a declaration stating the amount of alleged income from its operations this year.

The declaration shall be filed within 5 days after the expiration of one month from the date of the appearance of income. The sum of the expected return it defines itself. Advance payments are paid by the taxpayer on the basis of tax notifications.


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