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Hydraulic Energy

October 23rd, 2012

The hydraulic energy is the energy that is derived from the force of the water in movement, which can be taken advantage of for different intentions. Before the electricity was something common, the hydraulic energy was used for the irrigation, the operation of different machines, like mills of water, textile, soft machines, etc. Many and diverse different forms exist in that the power of the water is used at the moment or that they are developing. Some uses are solely mechanics but mainly it is used to generate electricity. This great range of uses includes: Water rims: used for hundreds of years to move mills and machinery. Hydroelectricity: always with reference to the hydroelectric prey. partial unloadings Hydroelectricity without prey: here one captures the kinetic energy of the rivers, streams and the oceans and energy of tides: it captures the horizontal energy of the tides. The hydraulic, better energy well-known as hydroelectric supplies 715.000 at the moment megawatts of electricity, which represents 19% of the world-wide consumption.

Great prey continues itself designing and constructing. Greatest of the world is Three Gorges, located in third laughed greater of the world, the Yangtze river. The turbine is a rotary engine that turns into mechanical energy the energy of an aqueous vapour, water obstacle or gas. The basic element is the wheel or rotor, that counts on shovels, helices, blades placed around their circumference, of way like the fluid in movement produce a tangential force that it drives the wheel and rotates.This mechanical energy is transferred through an axis to manage to provide the movement of a machine, compressor, generator ELT or a helix.


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