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How Packaged Food

February 3rd, 2014

Have you wondered how it is the process of packaging of products? Every company to have a product that needs packaging is very worried because your machine that performs it is of better quality and with the highest technology, because your product depends on. In order to maintain food to take them to the consumer it is necessary that the method of packaging is made at very high temperatures to kill all possible microorganisms that may be present, it is likewise necessary to seal them well in airtight containers. The packaging is normally at temperatures between 116 and 121 C. All food market needs a correct packaging in order to ensure the quality and hygiene of the product, foods that must be packed in pressure include most vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy and poultry products. Very acidic foods has a pH below 4.6, 1 as fruits, pickled vegetables and foods to which is added acid are the only ones they can be packed with a bath of boiling water instead of pressure. Containers and bottles need to go through a similar process since the highest possible hygiene is required. Correct packaging that you need requires a good packaging machine you can get easily in bottling companies. Original author and source of the article


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