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Glazing Of Balconies And Loggias

February 13th, 2012

In our time building market offers windows of balconies and loggias of plastic, wood and aluminum. The better protect the room from dust, drafts and noise? Wooden windows are made of laminated veneer lumber, which prevents cracking and deformation at the change of humidity, and treated to reduce flammability spetssostavami. It's worth noting that in a really high-quality wooden windows – not cheap because of the complex manufacturing technology. Aluminum windows are durable, but also high thermal conductivity. These window systems are installed in most office buildings.

The temperature on the balcony or loggia, where the cost of aluminum is different from street just three – five degrees Celsius from the windows of plastic profiles for multi-store heat much better, aesthetic, durable, able to maintain their properties during the entire lifetime. In order to avoid appearance of thermal bridges, the glazing of balconies and loggias use window systems with a large number of hollow chambers in the profile – from three to five. The next step in the preparation of the loggia to cold – warming roof, floor and the perimeter of balcony or terrace. The material can be applied insulation thickness of 50-150 mm, based on mineral wool or foam. For water and vapor barrier, use four millimeters thick folgoizolon – polyethylene pores, metallized Mylar and film. It does not accumulate condensation and moisture, well reflects the light from the sun. All joints and seams formed during the glazing must be removed or foam sealant.

For Heating loggia or balcony, you can mount as heated floors, and oil cooler, heaters with capacity of 1. 2.5 kW. To increase the insulation and sealing, PVC sheathe the inside balcony panels. It is plastic, in Unlike wood, the best material for finishing inside and protect against heat loss. Especially since he is not afraid of moisture and temperature fluctuations, easy to care for him, he is practical and inexpensive.

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