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Fundamental Principles Of Air Conditioning Appliances

January 21st, 2017

With this lesson you will begin your studies on the interesting and lucrative field of electricity known as air conditioning. This lesson deals with general principles of air and how the air affects our welfare. Importance of proper air nature millions of years it took to perfect the air conditioning system of the human body. No matter how ingenious inventions man has applied to the mechanical equipment of air conditioning, has never approached the temperature control, miraculously precise, the human body, and chemical treatment automatic air from our lungs. The very nature reminds us, every minute of the day and night, clean air and the proper temperature are much more important than food and liquid. Nutrition provided by the Air Science has determined that we obtain about 60% of our energy and sustenance (nutrition) in the air we breathe and 40% of liquid or solid food. A man may live 40 days without food and 3 to 4 days without water, but can only live a few minutes without air.

Air is the first thing that calls the human body when it comes to this earth, and is the last thing for which he sighs, before retiring from it. Meanwhile, for if life, the man filled his lungs with air about 23 600 times per day, and consumes more air than liquid food, both by weight and by volume. It is considered that a person eat well if you follow a daily diet of solid foods 3-1/2 lbs, 4 lbs.


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