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Fitness and Technology

October 26th, 2010

"Finding in the literature on quality, the following definitions: 1 – Fitness for purpose, the fitness is referred to something suitable for use, can be used as a synonym of training, but it refers to the human being alone can be trained 2 – Customer satisfaction, if we refer in this case the "client" would or might accept "the qualitative", just as if we refer to those providing the service or gives attention 3 – Convenience to the use or appropriateness to the purpose, in this case was obviously referring to a thing or object, that's quality 4 – Compliance with the requirements, which occurs just as in point 3 5 – A free product defects; obviously a subject of "quality" 6 – Ability to meet consumer expectations, relating to the quality of the service or product 7 – Compliance or exceed customer expectations at a cost that represents value, enter the market where stands the cost – value, a variable which does not fall humans Scholars from different disciplines have given different meanings quality or pose studies: – The philosophy has focused on its definition, considering this case of this logical science etymological attempting it – the economy as profit maximization and market equilibrium – the placing on the determinants of purchasing behavior and customer satisfaction – the operational management, practices and control engineering manufacturing. David Garvin has been proposed that can be identified as five main approaches: 1 – transcendental philosophy 2 – based on the product 3 – The user-based 4 – based on the construction 5 – based on value.


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