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European Union

May 16th, 2014

In Bulgaria, people due to excessive electricity prices on the street went and brought the Government to the fall. Against the background of the current placement of the Fund SHEDLIN infrastructure 1 European solar in Bulgaria arises the question: is still attractive for foreign investors? Bulgaria is a relatively poor country that is nevertheless in 2007 became part of the European Union with its seven million inhabitants. It has a parliamentary Republic, which bit is the rights as in Germany, France, Spain. The EU has deliberately chosen this step, because Bulgaria is an important democratic spearhead in the former socialist countries. Fears, including the fear of expropriation or similar, are out of place. Bulgaria is a democratic country with the appropriate safeguards and a large legal security. Economic stability is reflected in one of the lowest public debt in Europe – documented with only 16.3%.

However, electricity prices in recent Years Europe skyrocketed and strain the budgets of many citizens. That this public protests, part of a democratic process is easy. What is rather puzzled that these protests in other countries such as, for example, Germany has failed. What does this mean for an investment in a solar Park, as SHEDLIN capital AG offers him just his investors? To you have to look at first the starting point: solar parks are almost without exception only then economically viable if they heavily promoted by State subsidies. In all European countries, this is equally so. Usually these government subsidies be cut regularly, new solar parks will only count if sink into the same proportion also the engine and construction costs and/or increase the efficiency of the modules. Also in Bulgaria, put it more on the expansion of renewable energies and increased the attractiveness through high subsidies. And much like in Germany were these significantly to approximately 0,121 cut to 30 June of the last year – and almost at the market level. A special feature results in the solar Park at SHEDLIN sold by Bosch.

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