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Equator Temperature

December 9th, 2012

They can be classified in diverse ways. How much to the origin place, they can be classified in? continental? , when they are formed on continents, or? maritime, when formed on seas. How much to the origin latitude, they can be ' ' rticas' ' , ' ' polares' ' , ' ' tropicais' ' or ' ' equatoriais' '. E, how much to the temperature with regard to the place on which if they find at one definitive moment, they are classified in ' ' quentes' ' or ' ' frias' '. Solar radiation is the energy emitted for the Sun. Of the energy emitted for the Sun, the Land uses very little, but this energy corresponds almost for the totality of the energy used for our planet.

– Latitude: The more if it moves away from the line of Equator, minor becomes it temperature. The land is receives heat proceeding from the solar rays, however in distinct inclinations, what it becomes the lesser illumination the measure that if distance of the Equator. – Altitude: The more high the altitude, minor will be the temperature, in result of two factors: It diminishes the concentration of gases and humidity, therefore air goes if becoming rarefied, what it reduces the heat retention. Moreover, the continent ocean/radiates solar light for the atmosphere, how much in this manner bigger the lesser altitude the solar irradiation. – Continentalidade: The proximity of great amounts of water exerts influences in the temperature. The water delays if to heat, while the continents if heat quickly. On the other hand, in contrast of the continents, the water delays to radiate the absorbed energy. Therefore, the hemisphere North has more rigorous winters and hotter summers, had the amount of lands emersas to be bigger, that is, suffers influences of the continentalidade, good part of this hemisphere. – Current Maritime: They are water masses that circulate for the ocean.


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