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Environmental Safety

July 23rd, 2012

Environmental security – the notion of a complex that includes many different aspects. Can be regarded as a nationwide environmental safety issue, the matter of national importance, and this approach is correct. But equally important is the environmental safety of each company, operating in the country. That is why in Russia are increasingly adopting environmental management standards that have been introduced international standard iso 14001. The most important feature of this standard is its voluntary – no one commits the company to evaluate the ecological safety and ways to manage it on this system. Yet many companies are realizing the need for competent environmental management and attracting professionals who can lead the organization's work in conformity with the norms of the standard. Of course, in European countries such a way ensure environmental safety at the plant was more widespread. It is believed that the certification of environmental management systems of iso is carried out there with the same frequency as the certification of qms (Quality management systems).

In Russia, environmental control systems are being introduced while significantly less common. To understand the benefits of standards, iso, you need to know that the certification process is estimated not fixed result at the moment (the amount of emissions, methods to reduce pollution, etc.), and the entire management system. In other words, the iso certificate confirms that the company has an effective scheme for ensuring environmental security, regularly monitors the environment, quickly react to any changes in both external conditions and the characteristics of the production. Only this approach can be considered modern. Environmental security is too unstable and dependent on a huge number of different factors, so a simple estimate of the company at a particular point can not guarantee that tomorrow is the same production does not cause significant damage to nature and to human health. The dynamism of the modern world, the highest rate of technology development and the deplorable state of the environment – all this makes the provision of environmental security of one of the most difficult, but at the same time, and most important tasks of any business.


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