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Energy Universal Healing

February 11th, 2013

A few years ago back pain not allowed me penalties worth me, or sleeping in the bed, the life I became increasingly uncomfortable, – my body was speaking to me, begging for seeing a doctor- but having no insurance covering my expenses, be working on their own account, they did not allow me do the most valuable thing one can do for one’s self! take care!. In those days I went for a walk to Orlando needed to leave town, breathing the contact with other nearby towns to Miami, sharing with his people, traveling by road to pure Windows open, they are those moments in which one can change landscape, reflect and make certain analysis – to my way of thinking – by reviewing the signals coming from the outside. From truck some photos I took to the sky, when I arrived, I checked and vi images that had been taken with my camera, contemplated a fireball in the middle of the sky very significantly by the sunset, but also saw that the incandescent light, they went out a few outstretched hands. Some message – I said to myself – with my severe pain. The next day I visited the bookstore who for years brought me satisfaction, – as for me nothing can be better than a good book-about everything if it is learning. While there I spoke of my pains with the owner of the place who gave me the card of a professional in Reiki, so give me therapy with energies in the spinal column. In addition to take me a lot of books to study Reiki home, started the therapies that were a few forties, what made me decide to study three levels of Reiki and do the master with my teacher, because its training was lovely, a virtuous woman by their spirituality, humility and simplicity, stay felt energies floated to my around because this technique implies also the neatness, clean, fresh and clear the aura and the life of the person who does not handle them or is the instrument everyone can practice it, years ago make a Reiki course was a privilege, it is charged a lot of money, is a very ancient method of healing of the Japan and he taught by monks, even the Reiki enters the United States by 22 of them who come to teach America and in that category of sponsorship was my teacher.

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