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Energy, Earth, Sun

January 31st, 2016

After all, they may indicate that something like this: blond heaters long-wavelength or dark heaters. Now we know that all of this – infrared heaters, they differ only by the temperature of the radiating surface and the wavelength. The most well-known infrared the heater. Everyone knows the most enormous infrared heater – it's the sun! Without him on the earth there would be nothing alive. The sun is removed from the Earth for many millions of miles, but nevertheless, it transfers its energy, practically without wasting it, and without heating the space. But the earth, and things that are on it, the sun's rays heat the earth, then warms the air. Infrared rays are about 70% of solar radiation, they have the most longer wavelength. Where the use of infrared radiation? Infrared radiation is used to dry vegetables, fruit and coatings.

There are devices where the visible image is converted invisible infrared. Established scopes and binoculars with which you can see far-infrared rays of the spectrum. The human body is inextricably linked to solar radiation. Without it, people sick, ill feels, has no power to work and to resist diseases. Therefore, infrared rays and is called life.

Infrared wavelengths, with deep penetration into the body, warms the joints, tissues, muscles, organs and bones. From This accelerates the movement of blood and other body fluids. It activates the body's metabolism, helping to heal diseases such as: lumbago, eczema, rheumatism, neuralgia, mental and physical, and fatigue. Infrared radiation helps to dissolve the seams and spliced fractures. Infrared rays help to cleanse the body of toxins, prevent blood clots, brain hemorrhages. They increase the body's resistance, make it resistant to respiratory infections, helps reduce cholesterol. Infrared radiation helps heal wounds, get rid of the pain of the head, back and joints. Favorably, they also act on the skin, restore it, make supple and smooth. Infrared radiation is used in the treatment of cellulite, weight loss. Therefore, its so actively used in medicine and cosmetology. Infrared waves are applied even in physiotherapy equipment, which is based on the heat. All this indicates that infrared radiation is good for health, and talks about his injury – just unsubstantiated fabrications. Article Source:


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