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Economic Viability

November 29th, 2015

The object of this study is the analysis of economic viability of a unit of generation of electric energy from energy come from the wind. The economic feasibility study it is essential to minimize the risk of any type of investment, over all when one is about investments of high value. A good economic feasibility study he is that one that it predicts how much the entrepreneur will earn financially and in how much time, on the invested capital. For this, research with equipment suppliers had been become fullfilled, existing legislaes, bibliographies on the subject and other types of research.

The Lagoon of the Ducks was chosen as local of study, in the Rio Grande Do Sul. This place presents favorable aeolian conditions. Following the methodology proposal, they had met resulted positive with regard to the implantation of a unit of generation of electric energy from the aeolian energy. This unit of generation was called of: Since the discovery of the electricity at the beginning of century XIX its use has been crucial for the development of the society human being, who depends each time more than one high energy consumption for its subsistence. For this, they had been being developed, throughout history, diverse forms of energy generation, as for example, hydraulical, nuclear, aeolian, solar and geothermal energy. In Brazil, which had its enormous amount of rivers, 90% of the available electric energy are proceeding from plant hydroelectric plants.


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