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Dominican Republic

June 13th, 2016

The day that the decision to implement a strategic PLAN and comprehensive security road, in our country will first have to assume as a matter of State, demonstrated political will to implement solutions; but, acting jointly and in hand with all sectors of national life, developing and executing plans and programs sustainable and sustainable. So very specific conditions must exist to successfully achieve the goals that we have already mentioned in this article in some way. Believe carried out isolated measures without responding to a strategic plan and comprehensive, it would be a mistake and loss of time and resources. In addition, we would walk to the disbelief of future efforts. The Summit of the living forces, as it has been called to this consensus scenario, becomes currently the ideal space to exceed the lethargy and indifference that we have remained by decades of insomnia, getting us to the misfortunes and tragedies of the users of waterways and its disastrous aftermath.

However, we want to Note that any decision taken must be done first with moderation, and second, with wisdom, to not make the same mistakes as always, in what refers to the sector traffic and transportation. Road safety does not exist in Dominican Republic or institutions closely related to the topic. But those related to transit and/or transport that occasionally have some temporary initiatives. Remember that what is prevent and preserve three things: the life, the health and the properties. Based on the foregoing, we must work in the design and implementation of public policies in four fundamental factors that cause victims in circulation: man, vehicle, the infrastructure road and the environment.

Not understand its incidence in various areas of life, would be the first failure. Road safety is up to justice. Touch health. The development of youth and women. He plays the economy and the development of the nation; the investment in engineering and technology. He plays the theme of social inequality; the communication. He plays the energy issue and the territorial development and municipal; citizen security. He plays the environment and administrative management. Touch education, cohesion and integration with other Governments, international and inter-agency bodies. State – society plays the politics of tax collection and the relationship. He plays the anti-drug policy.


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