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February 25th, 2016

I am love, I am light, I am peace. It is important to repeat ourselves these claims I am, this way we take conscience that I am that I am. We are the most important thing of all for us, if we are gratitude, if we are unconditional love, if we are rich in abundance, if we are all this and more, we will be full, we will arrive to have everything, the essence of life will be at us knowingly. I am cannot be egoico, is be self-centered at times, and so have happiness, and then is when we can give what we are to each other. It is not necessary to have much to give, but if you need something, it is then when we can give and receive and thus maintain the balance that it should exist. It is said many times I give all my love to my son, that’s wonderful, but we must be certain that that love what we have in ourselves, that we are love also.

If we love, we can give it, if we have money, we can give it, if we have joy, we can give it. Sure that ever ye found a person angry, uncomfortable, etc, in those moments yourselves you’re feeling uncomfortable, poorly, and possibly arrive to be angry also. In these aspects influence, and allow me the redundancy, because what influences is the power to influence. Receive the energy that we emanate the people we have around us, we influence them in that aspect, though they decide if take that energy or not, but there are many people that is not aware of this, and is left to carry that energy and just taking our reactions. It is as a day of rain, many times we entristecemos by that day, the energy that reaches us is sadness and we usually end up sad, dull as the sky, but we must be aware that this energy is not for us if we do not want it, we can accept it or not, we can sadden us as the day or rejoice for other infinite things more or simply accepting the rainy day as it is, and see it as positive. The phrase, the Decree I am is very powerful, say it knowingly provided that can, in a voice high or mentally, in meditation, relaxation, going by car, walking, and even above all say it when you feel bad, say for example I am light and visualize a divine light that fills you throughout your body and bodies, and gives you that strength and vitality that you need in those moments. Day 11/11/2009 decrees I am, can be used since it is a very powerful date when this Decree, a date on which a great connectivity opens with the planetary cosmos.


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