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Data Processing Center

October 15th, 2011

Ventilation panels or grills for sex, but rather for the raised floor are used to circulate the air flows in the server and data processing centers (DPC), as well as for the process of cooling of electronic equipment. Historically, that false floor or elevated floor was originally designed for server and large computer rooms. Along with them were developed vents (the panel) for the same raised floor. We extend the method of engineering solutions, when the vents put racks for immediate (spot) cooling cabinets. Ventilation panels or grids manufactured by different technologies. As a result, each type of lattice has its advantages. For example, the ventilation panels may have a raised floor coating: anti-static pvc (vinyl), carpet, laminate flooring.

Worth highlight that the ventilation panel of this type has the best quality of manufacturing, setting the load capacity is higher and the price range above. Ventilation panels with the top coating of pvc is used mainly in technical rooms with the mandatory requirements for anti-static system: server, hardware, control panels, Data Processing Center (DPC). If we take the vent steel grating with a throughput ability of 80%, this species has a top coating of steel bridges of the lattice. Basic requirements for ventilation grilles: throughput and load-carrying capacity. The average ventilation grilles may allow air Up to 80% of its area. Typically, a server and technical requirements for the premises the bandwidth from 24 to 40%. Bigger is better, but as a rule, the lattice is proportional to place on the premises in order to corridors with the air flow.

As mentioned above, the ventilation panels for the raised floor can be adjusted percentage of air flowing. Adjustment parameter (deviation) in the vent panels for the raised floor up to 10% (+ / – 5%). Parameter of the load capacity of metal vent panels (arrays) is as follows: from 500 to 1000 kg for each panel. Proceeding from this design of these vent panels, or arrays may guaranteed to withstand pressure from 1500 to 3000 kg / sq.m. That is quite enough to put expensive equipment on the ventilation panel, or grid. The main producing countries are: Germany, Poland, Italy, France, China.


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