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Clinker Paving Bricks

February 9th, 2014

Naturally, these conditions affect the final cost of the tiles. The undoubted pluses vibrocasting tiles You can take it to a smooth surface, rather than in vibropressovannoy tiles, although for many buyers just rough surface tiles vibropressovannoy preferable. On the downside vibrocasting tiles include the fact that with all its high-quality performance is still not strong enough and durable for use in areas of intensive use (parks, squares, boulevards). At the same time to use on private areas for vibrocasting tiles are no restrictions. The price of this tile is of good quality starts from 700 rubles. per sq.

m. Lower price for tile vibrocasting likely indicates a low-quality goods. 3. Granite paving course, granite – the eternal stuff and glassware most stable and durable. A diverse range of colors and techniques of stone create a wide range of granite paving stones. By means of processing are distinguished puncture, stab-sawn from the slab (top-bottom sawn with heat treatment), stab-sawn from a pencil or a bar (top-bottom chipped, sides sawn) and polnopilenuyu pavement. In sawn pavers with outer surface necessarily Heat treatment is performed, which makes the surface rough, ie, not slippery.

Granite pavers with different types of treatment used in various ways. For example chipped pavement is rarely used for recreational tracks and in places where children run and play, as a rough surface chipped pavers can be traumatic and uncomfortable for walking in the light shoes. In turn, it is justified to use chipped pavers for parking lots and roads as well as in winter, this surface is not slippery. Prices on the granite cobblestones begin to 1,200 rubles. per sq. m. 4. Clinker Paving Bricks The most popular material for paving in past few years. This is not surprising: very durable, high quality, exceptionally decorative European clinker is indifferent buyers. Do not lose color, not giving efflorescence, which has variety of colors paving bricks used for centuries in Europe as the main material for paving.

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