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Car Sharing Experiences

November 29th, 2015

I am often asked about the resource of a particular model car. How many kilometers it be enough? How many years? Questions are clear and quite natural, but alas. I confess to you on the big secret: clear answers, written in operation manuals or technical documents, they are not. Of course, designing a car, the engineers lay in a certain stock of strength and durability, then check them out on static Dynamic and endurance tests, but no information about that "car brand and model X-Y is designed for 300 000 km or 6 years (for example)," neither you nor I can not find. Why? Because all the people all the drivers – so different! We have different we go on different roads, different routes, with varying loading compartment and trunk, with different speeds. Who will buy a new car, and it ugrohaet 100 000 km and three years. And as for someone to write in a journal such as "this car belongs to Mr.

Somebody twenty years, odometer exceeded one million kilometers, but Somebody is not going to get rid of him. Why? After the machine is still intact, perform their functions, and pleases the owner … ". AND in order to understand how to extend the life of the car, just need to follow the train of thought the team of designers, engineers and testers. Then everything will become clear, and this we now turn. 1. Road car – a car not for racing outside whichever, VW Golf you do, Nissan Qashqai or , or any other, with everything from engine – all road vehicles intended for public roads, to traffic speeds in the modes provided by the rules traffic.


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