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Budget Payments

July 14th, 2016

Patricio Guajardo, gives us the subject, The ERP (Enterprise Resource, Planing) are complex information systems that integrates different processes within the company on crucial items such as Purchasing, Production, Budget Payments, Etc. This integration generates a reducing administrative costs, greater efficiency to manage inventories, a true understanding of costs and inventory values, as well as current and accurate information that helps the executive to make decisions both operational, administrative and strategic. The ERP as such is part of the Supply Chain (Supply Chain) which is responsible for servicing the entire company in particular the main processes of the same to make it more efficient in its analysis Guajardo adds, have not implemented a system ERP properly may mean being out of the market, because the administrative costs go up too much or making wrong decisions, not have all the right information, accurate or current. Notably, the ERP is more necessary and evident as the company grows, if you have a doll shop high quality and are only sold about 30 dolls a day with a high profit margin, and the only person attending the store is the same owner. It is probably no need to implement an ERP is implemented immediately or should be a simple as "Money", ultimately account Inventory is low and the rotation of the same is very small, the "feeling" the owner of the shop dolls might work even better than the information spewed by ERP, and have 200 dolls a day would not have a major problem. .


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