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Blue Energy

October 16th, 2012

Spain is the fourth country of the world in technologies of single energy of which it exports a 80% to Germany. The carbon dioxide levels play a central role in global heating. As carbon dioxide is released to the atmosphere the temperature of the Earth is increased. The climatic change causes and alters long term the climatic landlords to which plants and animal usually are customary. The changes in the climate bring potentially detrimental consequences. The ice layers begin to melt in the poles, that could cause that the levels of the sea increase, causing damages long play in the marine and coastal life.

Higher temperatures and less precipitations are registered in the zones that already were barren, which makes difficult the cultures still more. Carbon dioxide is the greater contributor to the global heating and one of the main sources is the fossil fuel burning fire, that normally is used to warm up the homes and to move vehicles. This has taken to the investigation and the development of renewable energy sources, many of which are being optimized for their generalized use. Besides offering the guarantee of which never the provision finishes, the energy renewable it has other advantages. The low carbon emissions contribute great benefits for the planet as a whole and the smaller emissions always are better. It generates economic opportunities of use and benefits for the local companies and communities, derivative of common projects of renewable energy around all the country. The following article is provided Harsh Sharma for Blue Energy. Dedicated to the integral management of projects of renewable energies in all Andalusia, Blue Energy, it centers his activity in solar energy, photovoltaic energy, energy to termosolar, instaliacion of Aeolian parks, Aeolian energy and geothermal energy.

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