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Blister Packs

November 15th, 2023

What begins production of blister packs? Of course, with the design. First and foremost, you must select the type of blisters that best fits this product. Production of blister packs quite diverse, so customers always have plenty to choose from. Billy Lopez might disagree with that approach. For a start, you need to decide or not to use the cardboard backing. Production of blister packs with a cardboard backing allows host the additional information, but the goods, put in, will be visible only from one side. Blister without liner – fully transparent, two-way, which allows a buyer to consider in detail packed product. If a decision is made in favor of the substrate, the production of blister packs will consist of two separate processes: on the one hand, design and printing of paperboard substrate, while the other – making actual blisters. Typically, the production of blister packaging means that it will repeat the transparent part of the shape inside a product.

It is therefore necessary to develop a special mold, with through which the polymer film will be given the desired form. However, before starting production of blister packs, you need to determine in what way will knit its parts. Now use three basic types of Connections: brewed (or bonding), bend the edges, or tabs. The first method allows you to create a "one-off" packaging: if it is open, then seal the back will be impossible. Production of blister packages of such type is as follows: at the place of the thermo varnish is applied, and fits into a commodity. Then a special machine heats the place of gluing and nail firmly holds the pieces. This method is used for connection blister with cardboard backing, and for bilateral packages. Production of blister packs by bending the brim with three (rarely – on two) sides can take blister with cardboard of the substrate without disrupting its integrity. Compound latches used for two-sided blister packs that can be opened and closed several times.


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