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Basic Energy

May 5th, 2016

He tries to play therefore a fast of water only until at least 10 to 11 in the morning. This means that, to get up only to take water up to the 10 or 11 in the morning. -Try to eat pre-digeridos foods, i.e. that your body doesn’t have to spend much energy in processing them. Example all fruits and vegetables. They are foods that nature the has prepared especially for the man. Your duty to the health of your body is that most of your food or the 70 to 80 percent are coming from fruits and vegetables.

Today it is very difficult to get them in their pure and organic status unless you live on a farm, but is gradually changing your client with this type of food. -Your diet what is important is the quality and not the quantity. Your you feed to nourish you not to feel full. When you feel the sensation of being full is that you’ve abused and thus energy expenditure. To avoid this better split your meals a day in 6 to 7 small meals or snacks, thus not abusaras and you will feel satisfied throughout the day. -Two hours before bedtime to sleep not swallow any food. Only swallowed water.

If you lay with the stomach full run the risk of a poor digestion and thus energy expenditure. This is the reason why many are lifted the next day tired and dull head as if they had not rested. It avoids this by adjusting your meals in such a way that two hours before bedtime do not consume any food. I repeat many factors associated, but I’ve tried to give you a summary of the basic points that will help you supply your body’s energy and better health. I have to confess that I’m a vegetarian and this has been one of the best decisions of my life. Giving the best of all the advantages and is the feel good in what my agency refers to. The vegetarian diet in the future will have a great impact in society due to the population growth. Every day foods of animal origin they will be so difficult to produce as oil for the great demand that exists today that forced the company to seek other sources of plant foods that replace those of animal origin. This is not a secret, but a reality today. Then why not take advantage of all the benefits of a vegetarian diet and start from today. Of course your not adapted to a severe change body therefore inform you, and seek help from experts who guide you in the transition. Remember you’re the wires!


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