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Openings Management Consulting

December 26th, 2010
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There was no or a pin in the corridors of the latest edition of Expofranquicia, Excess fair par excellence. “We put high expectations on this issue, but have been surpassed,” says Mariano as Alonso, Managing Partner of mundoFranquicia consulting. “The influx of entrepreneurs and public interested in this business model during the three days that lasted the Hall, and has increased by 17.2% over last year, is the best barometer to talk about absolute success” Y lathes is that the IFEMA Pavilion 6, never stopped spinning. “The visits have been just as constant during the three days. The public, who came from all parts of Spain, wanted to know first hand the possibilities of self-employment of this formula and the proposals and trends to bet on a winning horse and invest, “added Alonso being so mundoFranquicia consulting the stand for the occasion had not stopped to receive petitions and public interested in his services.

“Our team of consultants has not stopped responding to the demand for information from the thousands of visitors who passed through this issue. A job that makes us optimistic and see that after so many crisis and the franchise is a tool to get ahead. “And is that both entrepreneurs interested in finding the right franchise, and companies that break the franchise as an option to cover new markets, have seen mundoFranquicia teams and 54 franchise and business proposals, a key element in taking forward their plans. “fairs actually start when they finish and now is when we meet as many requests as we received in these days. “Another success of this edition was” Entrepreneurship in Excess “, the Forum organized for the second consecutive year mundoFranquicia consulting, and fell short for the large audience who attended the round tables in the best experts and practitioners discussed and demonstrated on the franchise in our country. mundo Franquicia About Consulting company is expert in providing consulting services to franchisors at any stage of the process: planning and definition, development, adaptation and improvement. It operates a system called expansion Openings Management Consulting, which based the growth of the chain in providing consulting services particularized in each integration operation of a new franchisee, considering all the steps necessary for the opening of the new business unit and, ultimately, directly addressing franchising roles in building the network. Note to Journalists For more information, cover seminars, arrange interviews or sending artwork please contact our Press Office.


RSS As A Life Raft in a Sea Of Useless Information

December 23rd, 2010
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One of the main problems with the Internet these days is the fact that there is much information out there, but it can be quite difficult to find the particular knowledge that you are looking for. You can often feel like you’re surfing the waves of thick chocolate fudge sauce and honeycomb board has a crack that is doing more for the second. Over stimulus is the theme here, I wanted to read the opinions of music enthusiasts about music, and every second blog article had to do with punk hairdo trends and which band has the best tattoos. How can we find just the content you are looking for without getting lost in miscellaneous information that erodes the time and patience? The answer is in context. Now there’s a way to sift through the cacophony of babble and wisdom to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Instead of having to join clubs and organizations and receive their newsletters via email to desirability you can now have control over what you receive. Having to search through millions of blogs to find the few you like has become an obsolete task. The new system is called an RSS reader: ‘Rich Site Summary “or” really simple syndication “are the common definitions of this software. The process starts by signing up for automatic updates from blogs and other Web sites that distribute summaries their latest posts to your reader. Here you will find that you like and delete the rest.

You can keep adding new sites until, literally, hundreds of informative connections in your areas of specific interest. Another great aspect of the RSS reader program is the fact that you can put in keywords of interest and the computer to surf the Web for you and to add new blogs and web sites to your list, number according to the terms you have selected. Then scan Through these and add it deems appropriate, remove detritus.

Finally, you have an email-style formatted file where you can search through all your favorite writers, news and latest information on the issues. “Then you also have functions such as” comment “so you can automatically share your opinion with their human companions. Or you can respond to the ‘messages’, and actually communicates with the producers of the ideas. This really help to decentralize the process of exchanging information at the top current systems mass communication and media. We can hear multiple opinions on an issue and give our own views, instead of being told a story that is heavily affected by the personal perspective of the company of the situation. Thus, can see this has the potential for something great. Less time wasted, finding all the knowledge you seek, and share your opinion and meeting others like yourself has never been so easy. The RSS reader is a knife to cut all the useless packaging, revealing the true content of the donation from the Internet.


Guide to Protection from Identity Theft

December 23rd, 2010
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Make sure your employees are educated about the dangers of identity theft, you can choose to have identity theft coverage as a benefit, or they can decline the coverage as a benefit. If the employee has Identity Theft coverage and becomes a victim, it is beneficial for your business as an employee with coverage of identity theft spend less time, less money and less experience of frustration in trying that their information restored. This will back at work and focused on the job faster. If the employee declines the coverage, and then states that the information was stolen as a result of the actions you or your company, you have a piece of paper with his signature, saying that attended the presentation and declined the coverage.

Choose not make Identity Theft coverage available leaves you exposed to an unlimited amount of dollars you can be sued in the framework of liability, federal fines of up to $ 2,500.00 per employee per incident, and state fines of up to $ 1,000.00 per employee per incident. Recommended course of action? Have a benefits consultant who offers an Identity Theft protection plan present to your employees. Help build a 20-minute presentation with your employees, and make it mandatory for all employees to attend. You want your employees to be protected from this horrible crime. If you choose not to be, but you gave him the option of being protected, then the responsibility becomes theirs, not yours, when you become a victim of identity theft.


Focus Systems Management

December 10th, 2010
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Proverb companies increasingly must be prepared to face changes and challenges facing them. The current business scenarios presented, where management was responsible for its operation, requires an objective view to act within an organizational culture itself and according to the characteristics of the current scenarios, using the best resources organizational, financial, technical, human and intangible. What if it is served may reach the benefits of formal analysis techniques of decisions, the information it makes available to the computer, and therefore, interpretation and management of a comprehensive heuristic.

Consider the remarks made by Theodore Levitt, that: we must learn from the past appliance make some progress: Although one learns and progresses from the past, we run the risk of using obsolete dogmas that are for new times. The point is not whether the knowledge is transferable, but if applicable. This means that now, more than in the past, the essential administrative ability is not a good memory to recall principles as is the usual case in law and medicine, but the ability to determine which is actually the problem and to do that distinguishes the top executive. Understanding is more important than belief in dogmas.

From here then, that any manager or aspiring to be already in the exercise, consider that an operational definition of management that relates to the concept of management with a number of observable criteria, involves an organized activity, objectives, relationships between resources, work through others, decisions, systems analysis and evaluation.


Creating Ideal Customers

December 9th, 2010
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Every business owner should have an idea of your ideal customer. When I imagine my ideal client, I see a business owner struggling to find time for everything to be done, someone passionate about what they do on trying to find someone to run your business better. In describing this person in my mind, I am able to develop products and services that benefit customers. But what happens when a not-so-ideal customer enters the mix? I recently moved from a suburban location in a very wooded. One of my first orders of business was the creation of my bird feeders. In my mind, I saw my ideal clients and cheerful small birds. I also knew I would get my share of chipmunks, squirrels and field mice. I knew I was providing products (sunflower seeds and suet) to satisfy all customers.

And then came the bear. And with the bear, came problems. Emptying feeders, poles called twisted, and a suet feeder missing action. Now, I have nothing against the Bears on a personal level. They are really delicious creatures. They are also, however, dangerous and can cause great damage to property. In short, the bear is not my ideal client. So what do you do when you attract a customer that is too much work, too much work, and costs you too much time and money? For the health of your business and your own health, it is necessary to discourage customers from using their services or buy their products.

It is difficult for most business owners do. Especially when money is tight and you feel that you have to accept each sale. But the cost of trying to satisfy a customer that is not more appropriate system in the long term and short, do more harm than good. Suppose I decided to take my bear as a client. I would spend so much time, money and energy trying to feed my bear that my other clients, the ones I wanted to attract first obtain any product or service. The bear will deal with all my resources and great harm on the road. It would become tiresome, irritating, it is fun to work with clients who all end up with at one time or another. Bears customers are easy to discourage. The bird feeders are on the inside of the afternoon now, removing the main attraction. If it still comes sniffing around, let's move to loud noises and other tactics it takes to find unpleasant. Therefore, if you have a customer, like my bear, which is taking all their resources without contributing to the success of your business, find ways to discourage it. Raise your prices, refer to a competitor, or set clear limits on their time. Doing so will allow you to take care of our customers are the best choice for your business. Are you a single professional feeling stressed, disorganized? Tired of working long hours for less than you're worth? Struggling for Focus? Discover how a professional solo was able to survive and thrive amid the chaos.



December 8th, 2010
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Vegetotherapy could say that their main source that is based on bioenergetics, is a therapy that combines to develop their organizational energy body treatment with the different kinds of character. Today, bioenergetics is much more widespread than vegetotherapy, although much of its theoretical foundation is based on the work of Reich. Alexander Lowen, born in 1910 in New York, after finishing his medical studies and after his innate interest in psychiatry in contact with Reich in 1940, when he taught a course in EE. UU. on the analysis of character From this meeting and given the high interest Lowen for Reich, was analyzed by him from 1942 to 1945, with his pupil for a period of twelve years.

Since 1952, exercised as a psychiatrist in a clinic itself already using such techniques. In 1956, with another outstanding disciple of Reich, John C. Pierrakos, in New York founded the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis. " It was there while on a joint work done on the body of Lowen, developed the essential aspects of Bioenergetics. The third most disciple of Reich was named Stanly Keleman, this later developed his work in other lines but always within bioenergy.

At this time Reich died in prison, particularly in 1957. In 1958 he published his book "The Physical Dynamics of Character Structure," stating in a brilliant dynamic correlation of physical and psychological patterns. Pierrakos Later, he left the institute to create its own school based on his conception of energy, "Core" Energy ", where he tries to go beyond the body's functions without excluding the spiritual dimension of man in therapy, therefore the concept of bioenergetics to be associated almost exclusively with Lowen, this no doubt contributed to the ease of writing that always shown Lowen, A published a number of brilliant books arguing their theories, which have undoubtedly made it a psychotherapist enormously popular.


The Wayuu Village: Energy Efficiency

December 6th, 2010
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This article was declared winner of the Energy Efficiency in the form of digital media on 28 August in Santa Marta (Colombia) Wayuu village: true example of energy efficiency by: Alejandro Martinez Rutto. It's four o'clock on a Monday in January and our vehicle moves through the dirt, rocks and dry grass back to the city. We have been for several days visiting a Wayuu community where we share great moments and we know some of the practices, traditions and customs of this village that clings to its identity to preserve the historical and cultural legacy accumulated over hundreds of years. We made good time and thanks to Julio, a chief pains to care for their children, nephews and other members of his kindred, we had access to the cemetery, the pen of goats, the lagoon, the dance of the Yonne, the preparation of beer and several family gatherings for which we had to make do with a few words we understood the language of ethnicity. After this wonderful experience in which we have passed one of the best holidays we love a bit more to this town that has resisted with courage all the time tests, violence and greed of the invaders has done. Even have overcome intense and prolonged droughts in some years has supported the region and they have been able to endure thanks to their patience, strength and style that is particular to address their daily lives. Wayuu Indians have always lived with scarcity and therefore have learned to make appropriate use of scarce resources. .